A good start…

Date November 29, 2007

…is a pleasure for every project. First of all, I really want to thank everybody for all the positive feedback! Our statistic after the first 7 hours: 16 clans signed, ~100 people voted, ~1200 hits.

That’s already places us in the first and only “bad” news: All slots for the ETF2L Starting Cup are taken. We are very proud of having some of the best Europe clans in already. The nominees for the ETF2L Starting Cup Champion are: Clan United, ColdFusion, CurseD Clan, FoF, Team Jobola, The Last Resort, Xeno-Project.tf2, charge, mamboswing, veil, 9 Men, HerbsArmy (Red Squad), animus, last one alive lock the door, simply iQ and Soldiers at Work.

As we don’t have any results of the clans in our league yet, the first cup will be done with drawings. Any teams can meet each other in every round. For some thrill we will also do live drawings at our IRC channel #etf2l @ QuakeNet. Feel invited for the 1st-Round-Draw next Monday, 3rd December, at 19:30CET! The 1st Round will suppose to be played in the week from 10th till 16th December.

Now we want you to remember that your team, of course, can still sign up for the 1st ETF2L season, which will start in the week of 07.01.2008. Don’t forget signups will close on the 12th December! Some people had problems registering their clan on the site. Some explanation: Only 1 (!) player has to register at our site. When you are logged in, click on “Dashboard”. There you will find a “Register Clan” button. Be sure you got all correct TF2 SteamID from your player. Add the members in the format: “0:1:3343541 TestDummy” (without the “). If you need any more help feel free to contact us by IRC or E-Mail. We will also add a forum to the page soon.

Already over 100 people voted about the loved or hated crits. As it looks like by now, crits will be disabled in the ETF2L. Do you agree with that or you would prefer playing with crits? Give us your opinion, you can still vote till Sunday night. After that the vote will be closed. Also the next votes will start tonight. There are _many_ different opinions about class restrictions so we really hope to get some rules everybody can live with. There will be three votes: Mediclimit, sniperlimit and about all other classes. You will have the possibility to choose between limit of 1, 2, 3 or unlimited. These votes will end on Monday the 3rd, at 23:59CET. Notice: If a vote ends with two very close percentages, there will be a 2nd final vote between these two top answers.

Beside that we are still discussing about a good scoring system for dustbowl and gravelpit, which are pretty unbalanced. We are open for good ideas, which will make these maps more competitive. We will probably have a vote about possible scoring systems next week.

We are also happy to already welcome a new addition to our organization team. Riemu, member of Herbs Army, joined us as admin. Hope you will have a nice time!

All I have to give you for now is the votes; remember you can only vote once:


Total Voters: 140

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Total Voters: 135

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Classlimits for all other classes?

Total Voters: 136

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  1. slider said:

    As stated before I don’t think this open votes are a good idea. Well whatever…

  2. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    Hey slider,

    I think everybody should be able to vote, even in the clans there are different opinions about some rules tf2 wars should have.
    Why do you think these votes are not representative? :)

  3. eggy said:

    Im sure the rules will be changed if there are any glaring holes. I look at it as an excuse to put numbers on all those “the community is split in half” comments. At least this way we know statistically what people want :) in theory i guess. i’ll stop rambling….

  4. Trolle said:

    medic limit 1, rest 2! *vouch* :)

  5. slider said:

    @daykiller: if a team is _really_ opposed to crits, 6 medics, 4 snipers or something they just let everybody in thier team vote 5-10 times. the other teams who don’t have the same incentive maybe just vote one time. that way all teams have to play with these rules even if only a few really pissed off people wanted it that way.
    if every team, or say every player gets one vote it becomes much more representative/fair.

  6. heinz0r said:

    ~ 40 ppl shouldnt decide on how the league class limits should look like anyways…

  7. cic said:

    Class limits are destroying the game imho. Every clan should play in a way they prefer – if somebody thinks he needs 3 snipers and 3 engineers in his team he just should play that way!

  8. slider said:

    Its not that i dislike the specfic rules. If 51% of the teams say “lets play with one medic” thats fine with me. Just make sure that this actually the case.

  9. heinz0r said:

    About dustbowl and gravelpit scoring. Each clan should have to keep at least one demo so you can check back at the times needed to score as an attacker.

    The clan with more time left on the clock after one round of attack and defense should simply get the round. If there should be 1 or 2 rounds, dunno… but this way the better team wins instead of 99,99% draw.

  10. lecoste said:

    Only problem with that is if on the last cap point they are less time than the others, why bother attacking as u know uve lost even if u do make it :E
    wont work that mate. i do see alot of draws, so many give half points for each cp ? all or nothing leaves alot out imo

  11. Kickchon: [[email protected]] said:

    In my opinion gravelpit is quite well balanced with the timelimit of 6 minutes at the beginning and 3 additional minutes per cap on A and B. Dustbowl has the problem that additional time carries over to the continuing passages. I’d say just reduce the time the attacker has to cap, like 5 minutes at the start, 3 additional minutes per cap instead of the 4,5 minutes (?) one gets currently.

    About class limits I think every team should be able to play the way they want. If they want to use 3 snipers or 3 soli / medic teams im fine with that. Limiting class choices is not needed to create interesting matches.

    Crits should stay in the game too, because that is the way some classes are balanced around. Sure some people curse as they lose a command point because of a crit of the opponent, but most forget they cap points because of crits too.

    Nevertheless, keep up the good work. :)


  12. Moose: [MIPC] - #10 said:

    Class limits are a good to have in 6on6 games imo. Though the best thing would be to make this league 8on8 and then there’s really no need for class limits ^^

    If 6on6 and nocrits, mediclimit 1 is a must or else you get the medic-sold-medic-sold packs dominating the whole game when the medics stay paired healing each other when needed. I can bet that at least the top clans will not participate if the mediclimit is not 1 when crits are disabled.

  13. ydor: [eLD] said:

    Well, when we played Cursed or other good teams they didn’t have a problem with no classlimits so far, so why should they suddenly have one?

    I’m all against splitting the community. We’re all working and it’s hard enough to practise one kind of gameplay, and we barely have time to do that, it’s absolutely out of question to practise playing w/o and with classlimits, and the other major leagues like ESL and Clanbase play without classlimits.

    Therefore while we would like to participate in the ETF2L we’re gonna wait for the outcome of the rules and meanwhile I’ll ask our 60something members to vote against classlimits :D

  14. ydor: [eLD] said:

    Oh, btw., I’d much rather see FF on in serious clan-gaming. Would require much more thinking before just shooting everything you see. Would also make the solider/medic combo worth a bit less, as enemies can just run close to the medic and soldiers have to take care not to kill their own medic.

  15. slider said:

    BTW: Another Option for crits would be to scale down the damage multipler which is also possible in TFTrue. From the default 300% to 150% or something.