Waifu Warriors

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Demo: Sac – Make them pay.

Medic: froXer – If he could Jew his way to prem…he would.

Pocket: Jakle – Such a calm mother fucker, until he dies. Listen to him. pls.

Roamer: в ε α ʂ τ – deepest voice eu. Says thank you if you avenge his death.

Scout: Pom – Her TF2 never loads when she needs it to. Rarely heard and probably back capping.

Scout: Verg – Such a dick but frags like an elephant on steroids with a cannon on its back and its eyes shoot lazers.

Backups: Jaskey – He's our pubmaster mascot :>
Inactive: Hudson <3

———————————————————————————————– — Theme song — oh and this

#YOLO, #ohlookverggotamedpick, #pom<3verg

Contact Pom to arrange matches.

As our life mentor Jim Jones says
We fly high, no lie
You know this


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Team Name History

Date Old Name New Name
Weeaboo Warriors Waifu Warriors
Waifu Warriors Weeaboo Warriors
Buying Name Tag for 2 webons Waifu Warriors
Not Improper Gamers Buying Name Tag for 2 webons
Afraid of Monsters Not Improper Gamers

Player History

Action Player By Date
Left VergTech VergTech
Left Pom Pom
Left froxer Pom
Left Hudson! Pom
Left Jaskey Pom
Left Sacrilege Pom
Left Muerte Pom
Left Jakle Jakle
Joined Jakle Jakle
Left Jakle Jakle
Joined Jaskey Jaskey
Joined Sacrilege Sacrilege
Joined Muerte Muerte
Left Muerte Muerte
Joined Muerte Muerte
Left shower_gel Pom
Joined Jakle Jakle
Joined shower_gel shower_gel
Left dodgydogman dodgydogman
Left ViolentDuck ViolentDuck
Left Bugsy Pom
Left d0lphin d0lphin
Joined Bugsy Bugsy
Joined VergTech VergTech
Left Bobo Bobo
Joined dodgydogman dodgydogman
Joined froxer froxer
Joined Bobo Bobo
Left sky Pom
Left Kirke Pom
Left IxDo Pom
Joined Hudson! Hudson!
Joined d0lphin d0lphin
Left Tearmisu Pom
Left Socky Socky
Joined Kirke Kirke
Joined sky sky
Joined IxDo IxDo
Joined Tearmisu Tearmisu
Joined Socky Socky
Joined ViolentDuck ViolentDuck
Joined Pom Pom