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Season 28!

Normal signups are open until 15th of September at 21:00 CEST, with Premiership signups closing on the 9th of September at 21:00 CEST. Due to the lack of time between insomnia61 and Season 28 there will not be any preseason cups.

Season Schedule

  • Signups: September 02 – September 15th, 21:00 CEST (Premiership signups will close early, on the 9th of September at 21:00 CEST)
  • Publishing of Provisional Divisions: September 15th
  • Publishing of Final Divisions: September 16th
  • Pre-Season Premiership Playoffs: September 10th -16th
  • Main Season: September 17th – November 2nd (7 Weeks)
  • High/Mid/Open Playoffs: November 3rd – November 26th
  • Premiership Finals: November 26th

Map pool

Map Rotation


A link to the whitelist can be found here.