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  Name Classes Skill Type Date
European Attense Open 6on6 8
European SENSATION Prem/High Highlander 11
Brazil hasta la feasta High 6on6 5
European tik is bi Open 6on6 1
International Gulf Rejects Open 6on6 0
Belgium Drosoverated High 6on6 2
European T A X I S E R V I C E Prem/High Highlander 1
Uruguay tools Prem/High 6on6 0
France GangBoiiii Mid/Open 6on6 0
CzechRepublic Czech Memelander powered by Mid/Open Highlander 2
European Village Idiots Mid 6on6 3
Finland TBA Mid/Open 6on6 1
European Porg E-Sports Open 6on6 2
SouthAfrica sauce station High 6on6 2
European Prisoners Of War Mid/Open 6on6 1
Ukraine PC MASTER RACE Prem/High 6on6 4
UnitedKingdom Reverie Gaming High Highlander 1
International CeruLAN Mid LAN Team 1
Finland Experience High/Mid 6on6 3
European God's Plan Mid/Open 6on6 3
European The Iron Comrades Open Highlander 0
European The Brigade! Open 6on6 1
European ☆ Project Horizon ☆ Mid/Open Highlander 0
European opeen_squad #borninthewrongdiv Prem Highlander 11
International Furious eSports Open 6on6 0
International Gamers Against Weed Open 6on6 1
European Pathetic Pubber Virgins Open 6on6 0
European The Shaggers Club Mid 6on6 13
European MAGICAL Esports Open 6on6 1
Sweden Snus: Straight Outta Sweden Open 6on6 0
European MAGICAL Esports Open 6on6 2
European stonks Mid 6on6 1
Germany Doctors Of Mediocrity High/Mid Highlander 11
International Happy Murder Family Open Highlander 3
Moldova Clownzentrationslager Mid 6on6 8
Belgium Lets lose this Mid/Open Highlander 0
International #FreePat Mid 6on6 1
Germany Gemeine Boheiner Mid Highlander 9
Russia Pomoika Open Highlander 1
European ESA invite Open 6on6 0
UnitedStates BAD DRAGONS High/Mid Highlander 1
Greece GreekGods Open 6on6 0
Portugal Spy Boys Mid/Open 6on6 2
Russia Смiтнык Open 6on6 0
European Dedicated Loomband Collectors Mid 6on6 1
Poland Kunta Kinte Boys Open 6on6 4
UnitedKingdom Police Squad Open 6on6 2
European Hell's Kitchen Mid/Open 6on6 0
France Pot-au-Feu 2.0 Mid/Open 6on6 0
European Factory Newbies Return High Fun Team 1
European SLED GANG High 6on6 1
Ukraine Freackers Mid/Open 6on6 1
European help ive fallen and cant get out of open Mid 6on6 0
Uganda Ugandan Pizza Police High Highlander 4
Sweden Lucrosa Prem Highlander 9
UnitedKingdom Team MAYHEM Mid/Open 6on6 0
Netherlands Brein Mid 6on6 1
Sweden bully hunters High/Mid 6on6 0
Croatia Men in Flannel Mid/Open Highlander 2
Switzerland Stonks High/Mid Highlander 0
Finland Kokkolan Kokemukselliset Koksukekkerit Mid/Open 6on6 0
Netherlands kanker Open 6on6 2
Russia kiti s bakenbardami Prem Highlander 20
International Subway Overload (Insomnia 63 2018) Mid LAN Team 3
Germany Nordwind Mid/Open 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom Concerned Christian Mothers Open Highlander 5
Seychelles Calculated Risk High/Mid Highlander 3
Spain CONOTECH Mid 6on6 1
Seychelles Third Eye Prem 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom 21 inch eggs * CRUNGE eSports Prem/High LAN Team 3
International Quantum Overclockers Mid/Open 6on6 0
Portugal Spy Boys Mid/Open 6on6 6
European My Gaming Embarrassment High/Mid 6on6 0