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  Name Classes Skill Type Date
European Men in Flannel Open Highlander 0
England No Anime Zone High 6on6 0
Poland Champions Mid 6on6 0
Morocco The Guild High/Mid Highlander 2
Norway Trouble in the doggo village Open 6on6 5
European My Son`s Chess Club Mid 6on6 1
Poland Hot team Mid/Low Highlander 27
Russia teaparty Open 6on6 0
European Tranquility Low 6on6 1
European Gamer Time [6v6] Open 6on6 0
Japan Easy Way Out Mid/Low Highlander 0
Scotland Single Concerned Fathers [9v9] Open Highlander 0
European the noobs and godmode Prem/High 6on6 5
CzechRepublic cruel.Beasts Low 6on6 0
European buying gf Open 6on6 0
European The Makeshift Alliance 6s Open 6on6 0
Finland Nousu Mid/Low 6on6 0
England Bercow Boys Low/Open 6on6 4
European Divided Sixes Roster Mid/Low 6on6 0
Finland LEVA High 6on6 1
European Verbabies Low/Open Fun Team 0
Malta Ulku Ocaklari Esport Open Fun Team 0
Norway dunkin donuts Open Fun Team 2
European Gamer Time [9v9] Open Highlander 0
Belarus opa! squad Mid 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom Vive La UK Mid/Low 6on6 2
Finland The Culture High 6on6 3
Italy Gang de' parchetto Low/Open 6on6 1
International my rocket went through the crack Open 6on6 0
Sweden Shooting Enemy Gamers Low/Open Highlander 0
European ESA invite Low 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom THE JOE ZONE High 6on6 0
Finland Kiva kutos klaani Mid/Low 6on6 0
International VeryRandomName Low/Open Highlander 2
UnitedArabEmirates Mr McVities, Grandstanding Digestives Low 6on6 3
Poland Bee Cave Crew Low/Open Highlander 0
European Super Tastic Super Six High 6on6 6
European Digital Slaughter Low/Open 6on6 0
International Jacksons 9 Open Highlander 0
European Feline Follies High/Mid 6on6 0
International Bible Studies Open Highlander 0
European Heavy republic Open Highlander 0
International taking risks Mid/Low 6on6 0
Croatia Cigani Low/Open 6on6 0
European Monkeys with Attitude Mid/Low 6on6 7
UnitedKingdom Minutemen Low 6on6 11
Australia Caucasian Persuasion Open 6on6 3
European fun while it lasted Mid/Low 6on6 0
UnitedStates The Jackson 6 Open 6on6 6
UnitedStates I left my cello in the basement Open Highlander 7
Malaysia [email protected] Open Fun Team 3
European Dirty Polski Open Highlander 1
European Almost Famous High/Mid 6on6 6
Russia Big Dinosaur Attacks Ur Mom Open 6on6 1
International Kithrex Low/Open 6on6 7
European 1nstantReaction Open 6on6 0
European Fine Christians Low/Open 6on6 0
European EMI's Cinnabons Low/Open Fun Team 0
International Passione Low/Open 6on6 1
Canada SpaghettiLegs Mid/Low 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom Experience "Juniors" Open Fun Team 0
Finland AntiKone Open 6on6 0
Russia BGT Open Highlander 1
International Vostok_gamers Low/Open Highlander 3
Israel Xypher High 6on6 8
European Mehr Zucker Mid/Low 6on6 0
Ukraine ՈoᗯЛаЯ ᗰOлЛИ Open Fun Team 0
Poland Poland Academy Open 6on6 4
England Guns mean Fun Open Fun Team 1
Russia Prosto pacanIb Mid/Low 6on6 0
UnitedStates thank you, next Low/Open Highlander 16
Albania MinionSports Open Highlander 0
UnitedStates Pizza Pasta Tech High/Mid Fun Team 3
International CommunismCan'tBeStopped High/Mid Fun Team 1
Poland Mocne Frugo Open Highlander 1
International Epic team High/Mid 6on6 0
Sweden Surstromming High 6on6 4
International hamaham is love hamaham is life High LAN Team 4
Malta 0 Friends Online Mid Highlander 2
CzechRepublic hces zabti High 6on6 0
European Last Stand Open Fun Team 0