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Team Recruitment

  Name Classes Skill Type Date
Japan shrine maiden club Open Fun Team 9
European Netional Geographic Open Fun Team 0
UnitedStates Hyperion Open 6on6 2
UnitedKingdom Ringo High 6on6 10
Lithuania good job everygotti Prem/High 6on6 6
European Pregame Tryhards Open Highlander 0
International MemeTeme Open 6on6 8
International Dominando Mid/Open Fun Team 9
Sweden -BlownMinded- Mid/Open Highlander 1
England BillsBoys Mid 6on6 1
European ku$h laddies Open Fun Team 13
Finland HL2DM High/Mid Highlander 0
European iCOne-HL Mid Highlander 1
Jamaica Team Name High Highlander 8
European mad decent High 6on6 19
European Inqvisition Open Highlander 1
UnitedKingdom *jumps off counter* IM GAY Mid Fun Team 4
European Zero Skill Open Fun Team 13
European ku$h lassies Open Fun Team 18
UnitedKingdom Uncle Ted's Freedom Club Mid/Open Fun Team 6
European PubClub Open Fun Team 7
European Legion Gaming Open 6on6 10
International Elements Open 6on6 0
European Nuking Memesters Open 6on6 8
Latvia Verbfusion Open 6on6 2
UnitedStates The Whimsical Harem Open Highlander 9
European Tilted Bread Open Fun Team 16
Finland CandyKings Mid/Open Highlander 2
European Thug loaF Open 6on6 7
Russia Nullcore is better than lmaobox Open Fun Team 1
England Cheeseburger Cat Enthusiasts High/Mid Highlander 2
Estonia Sweaty Vanguard Open Fun Team 0
Canada Spicy Pepe-chan Open 6on6 2
Finland AnimeAEnthusiasts Open 6on6 0
England Exposer Jr Open Fun Team 0
European KaoS eSports Academy Open Fun Team 8
Japan Lads on Tour Open Highlander 7
International SICK LAUGHTER Open 6on6 1
CzechRepublic Toffifee&Raffaello Open Highlander 3
Canada The Cringe Crew Open Fun Team 0
Germany Doctors Of Mediocrity Mid Highlander 8
Canada Meam Dream Team Open 6on6 0
Russia Keepo Mid/Open Highlander 1
Australia rest in protein bubble Mid 6on6 2
SouthKorea Frontal Lobes Open Fun Team 3
European The Ultimate Lube Keg Mid 6on6 0
England Bears with Shades Mid 6on6 0
Japan goonsquad Prem/High 6on6 1
Cuba haha nice gg High Highlander 25
Finland Ugandan Pizza Police High Highlander 0
European Vacuum Cleaner Racing Pilots High Highlander 2
Sweden Lucrosa High Highlander 14
European Virtual Unreality Mid 6on6 1
European Team SniperScout Open Highlander 0
European Mid/Open 6on6 1
Estonia Randavad Raimed Open 6on6 2
European Digital Rocketry Enthusiasts Open 6on6 0
Finland good team Prem Highlander 16
European tHE POWER RAGNERS!! High 6on6 7
Poland IORWTECH CLAN Mid/Open 6on6 7
European BDU Mid 6on6 0
Russia kiti s bakenbardami High Highlander 3
Wales s6x Open Fun Team 0
European why do I do this to myself Open Highlander 1
International GA 2k17 High LAN Team 0
Germany Komptoir Mid 6on6 3
Canada Good Meat High/Mid 6on6 0
Japan i'm a mid spy Open Highlander 0
International redrumers Mid/Open Highlander 0
International deru woulda prem but kitchen was on fire High 6on6 0
Germany Team 4 Friends Mid 6on6 3
UnitedKingdom Mierda Mid/Open Highlander 3
Finland Mad Samurai Open 6on6 0
International Balalaika Ensemble Mid/Open Highlander 0
France Resistance High Highlander 2
Portugal CRAZYBWAII Clan High Highlander 7
Japan Super Dickmann's SENSATION! High/Mid Highlander 4
CzechRepublic cruel.Beasts Open 6on6 0