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  Name Classes Skill Type Date
European S!r Open Highlander 1
UnitedKingdom BRING BACK WILDCARDS Open 6on6 0
Uganda Ugandan Pizza Police High Highlander 6
France cp_soiree Prem/High 6on6 5
England PTSD PATIENTS Open Highlander 6
International Hartz & 8 Prem Players NO HIGH PLAYERS! High Highlander 13
Germany Plaiceholder High Highlander 7
CostaRica Banana eSports Prem/High 6on6 5
International "just call it Dave" Open 6on6 1
India SwedLAN Team High LAN Team 0
European Bread Senpai Mid 6on6 0
International Colchester 6-a-side Football High/Mid 6on6 10
UnitedKingdom Police Squad Mid/Open 6on6 0
France Pulsefire eSport Open 6on6 0
Poland SUAVY Mid 6on6 4
Australia Flowllout High 6on6 1
Hungary MedsDropMoreThanBallz Mid/Open Highlander 0
Croatia Men in Flannel Open Highlander 1
Lithuania Open 6on6 0
Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! Prem Highlander 9
European Pre-emptive Dab Open 6on6 3
European verbfusion Mid/Open 6on6 4
Switzerland Stonks Mid Highlander 0
European Noodle Doodle Appreciation Society Mid Highlander 1
UnitedKingdom Gaming Masters Open 6on6 0
European Exartus Gaming Mid 6on6 1
European The Shaggers Club Open 6on6 6
Poland Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS Prem/High Highlander 7
Denmark < danish noisaes > Prem/High Highlander 12
Seychelles Midnight 6s High 6on6 5
Russia Sparks of the Great Fire Mid/Open Highlander 1
Poland Miszor. Pro High/Mid 6on6 10
Iran SKKRR SQUAD Mid/Open 6on6 0
France vanilla Pepsi Open 6on6 1
European Cabbage Open 6on6 3
International Moralis Open 6on6 1
European Boosted Bonobos Mid/Open 6on6 0
European Enigmatic Owl's Open Highlander 7
International Cryptic eSports Open 6on6 1
TrinidadTobago Team CoolestMaster High 6on6 1
European My sons basketball team Prem/High 6on6 4
TrinidadTobago Budget Toucans Prem/High Highlander 1
Panama SICK LAUGHTER: Last Minute Open 6on6 0
Sweden Sponsored by Mid 6on6 0
CzechRepublic cruel.Beasts Open 6on6 0
England Experience Mid 6on6 6
European 2 girls on team or im not playing Prem 6on6 6
Zimbabwe Toxic Waste Man Mid/Open Highlander 0
European Sora Mid/Open 6on6 12
European Disgrace to Belgium Open Highlander 1
France Bedo Open 6on6 0
Russia ϟϟ.ANTIHIGH.ϟϟ High 6on6 1
European SVIFT Prem 6on6 22
International After Deadline Open Highlander 0
European Jim Jong Un and the Ginger Crew Open 6on6 0
International Blood Merchants Open Highlander 0
Poland Wonderland High 6on6 5
TrinidadTobago Unoriginal highlander memers Mid/Open 6on6 1
Sweden Warriors In Slippers Open 6on6 1
European 2 girls on team or im not playing Prem 6on6 14
European Boosted Bonobos Open 6on6 1
Russia roblox rekter bois Open 6on6 1
European Nevalaa High/Mid 6on6 0
International fruits are awsome Mid/Open 6on6 0
International Perpetual Motion Squad Mid 6on6 0
SaudiArabia Deadgaming Mid 6on6 0
Spain E-JecTors Open 6on6 0