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  Name Classes Skill Type Date
UnitedKingdom Unexpected Item in Fragging Area High/Mid 6on6 7
European Kraken klan High 6on6 3
Poland IORWTECH CLAN Mid/Open 6on6 1
Switzerland Uncrowned Kings Mid 6on6 1
Poland Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS Prem/High Highlander 1
International SICK LAUGHTER Mid/Open 6on6 0
European Savage Memelords Mid/Open Highlander 2
European asdf Mid/Open 6on6 0
Denmark good gamers Mid Highlander 0
Macedonia NWA BLACK Mid/Open 6on6 2
European Cringelander Open Highlander 1
Poland IORWTECH CLAN Mid/Open 6on6 0
Sweden Viscious and Delicious Open Highlander 1
European Classical Lobotomy Mid/Open 6on6 0
European Loyality & Royality Mid/Open Highlander 0
Croatia Cult Of Ivan Prem/High Fun Team 3
Canada Good Meat High/Mid 6on6 0
France Bedo Open 6on6 0
Norway Lenny's Lads Open 6on6 0
European Medpicking Medic Mid Highlander 5
UnitedStates De Dinguses Open Fun Team 4
European sample text High 6on6 1
Lithuania FOUR SHAME FACES Prem/High 6on6 3
Finland ignore. Mid 6on6 0
Russia Dream Team High/Mid Highlander 0
Croatia Men in Flannel Open Highlander 0
European Weedmaps eSports Open 6on6 6
Germany Lemmings Prem 6on6 5
European Zero Skill Open Fun Team 0
Finland HELP HELPERS High/Mid 6on6 2
European Evolution Highlander Mid/Open Highlander 18
Serbia Garda Panteri High 6on6 3
European let's try again Mid/Open 6on6 4
Finland CandyKings Open Highlander 2
UnitedStates Hyperion Open 6on6 0
Poland Team High 6on6 2
UnitedKingdom MS Paint Pros Open 6on6 9
International iCOne-Fun Open Fun Team 0
UnitedKingdom fm-eSports High 6on6 5
European Yung wolves Mid 6on6 2
Germany Team 4 Friends Mid 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom KaoS eSports High/Mid 6on6 9
UnitedArabEmirates Mr McVities, Grandstanding HobNobs Open 6on6 1
International UGC TEAM PLACEHOLDER High/Mid Highlander 0
UnitedStates Fruit Shop Open Fun Team 0
Croatia Nice Capping Meh Open Highlander 6
International Knightly Strangers Mid/Open Fun Team 5
International Stormfall Mid/Open Fun Team 10
TrinidadTobago Team CoolestMaster High 6on6 0
European ChampGG.K! Prem 6on6 4
European Digital Rocketry Enthusiasts Open 6on6 1
Syria Save Palestine Prem/High 6on6 14
Japan Loli Squad Prem/High 6on6 11
Cuba c u nice try High Highlander 0
European iCOne-HL Mid Highlander 3
European Cringelander Open Highlander 1
Spain mix*es2017 Open Fun Team 6
UnitedKingdom not dead doggo High/Mid 6on6 0
European Kimo and Da Kidz Open Fun Team 0
UnitedStates De Dinguses Open Fun Team 8
England milhouse is the 10th class Mid 6on6 2
International Flying Air Beaters Open Fun Team 0
UnitedStates The motley crew. Open Fun Team 2
International {TopHat} Open 6on6 1
European Roskilde Mid 6on6 4
International the beat in the meat Open Fun Team 2
France Pay2Fun Open Fun Team 5
International MeMe Team Mid/Open 6on6 0
European Lowpander Prem/High 6on6 11
International Team Colonslash: Cheerios Mid/Open Fun Team 12
Germany opeen_squad #borninthewrongdiv Prem/High Highlander 14
European 1.6K ELO Prem 6on6 2
Russia Balalaika Ensemble Open Fun Team 0
Serbia Broom Sticks Open Fun Team 2
Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! Prem Highlander 1
Hungary Last Kings Open 6on6 0
Poland Enigmatic Owls Open 6on6 2
Canada The Cringe Crew Mid/Open Fun Team 0
International Open Fun Team 9
Russia Keepo Mid/Open Highlander 1
International The Shaggers Club Open Fun Team 0
European PubClub Open Fun Team 0