Heavy  Prem/High Skill, Highlander

Poland X-Wing

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Poland [National Highlander Team] STiNGHAN
Left VIBRVNCY [Highlander] Sheezer
Joined VIBRVNCY [Highlander] Akwilon
Left UKIP [Highlander] Connor
Joined UKIP [Highlander] Connor
Left Team Colonslash: Ambition [Highlander] X-Wing
Joined Team Colonslash: Ambition [Highlander] Setsul
Left Team Colonslash: Express [Highlander] X-Wing
Joined Team Colonslash: Express [Highlander] JustJosh
Left Team Colonslash: Ambition [Highlander] X-Wing
Joined Team Colonslash: Ambition [Highlander] Setsul
Left Team Rak [Highlander] X-Wing
Joined Team Rak [Highlander] wonder
Left Last Stand [6on6] X-Wing
Left POYOTECH [Highlander] Leila
Joined POYOTECH [Highlander] Connor
Left UKIP [Highlander] Connor
Joined UKIP [Highlander] Connor
Left Lotus Munching Angels [Highlander] Kaylus
Joined Lotus Munching Angels [Highlander] ElazulTF2
Left Release [Highlander] X-Wing
Joined Release [Highlander] Akwilon
Joined Poland [National Highlander Team] Sonny Black
Joined Last Stand [6on6] Just1s
Joined X-Wing [1on1] X-Wing
Left X-Wing [1on1] X-Wing
Left We are bad ;3 [2on2] X-Wing
Left kek [Fun Team] X-Wing
Left Mad? [Highlander] X-Wing
Left Satanistic Men Hospitalized [6on6] X-Wing
Joined Satanistic Men Hospitalized [6on6] X-Wing
Left SUAVY [6on6] TBE pez
Joined X-Wing [1on1] X-Wing
Left X-King [1on1] X-Wing
Joined kek [Fun Team] Akwilon
Left Pub Heroes [Fun Team] X-Wing
Joined Mad? [Highlander] Akwilon
Left Pub Heroes [Highlander] X-Wing
Joined SUAVY [6on6] Akwilon
Left NoCluear [6on6] X-Wing
Joined Pub Heroes [Fun Team] X-Wing
Joined We are bad ;3 [2on2] X-Wing
Joined X-King [1on1] X-Wing
Joined NoCluear [6on6] RussianDude
Left Brazzers eSports [6on6] X-Wing
Joined Pub Heroes [Highlander] Kretes
Left Veally, Hinzy? [Highlander] X-Wing
Joined Brazzers eSports [6on6] Akwilon
Joined Veally, Hinzy? [Highlander] JustJosh
Left Move Team [6on6] X-Wing
Left Move Team [Highlander] X-Wing
Joined Move Team [Highlander] Laserek
Joined Move Team [6on6] Laserek

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  1. Mlody: NNG said:


  2. HexeLL: AF1 - inv said:


  3. Akwilon: ; said:


  4. Hajdzik: SUAVY - H4B said:

    Don’t get tricked by the little ammount of text in his rec post, actually talks a lot. Very good gamer. Top level definetely.

  5. X-Wing said:


  6. Bat said:

    *DEAD* X-Wing#ugh ;-( : rofl
    *DEAD* X-Wing#ugh ;-( : make a frag movie
    X-Wing#ugh ;-( : u need to build your egio

    good player needs a team

  7. X-Wing said:


  8. яeS: $$$ said: