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France Tonton Flairix

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Looking for a main spot on top open team :

I hope to be good as Wynran, he is my inspiration !
I can play medic and demoman.
On Medic:
I got better during the 2 last saisons in medic so I know rollout and positioning, rollout isn't longer a problem.
I know some callouts on current maps.

On demoman:
I know some rollouts but I haven't really play a single saison on demoman.
I think I can frag some noobs, boom boom boom.
I know a lot of sticky trap (train in dm)
Btw, loose canon is a very good weapon

I'm looking for 2nd place medal.

I am not interested in anything other than Open.
Looking for a team who already have play some match on ETF2L.
My english suck, so I can't maincall.

I'm available all the day if I have no plans to go to the bar, I'm Breton, bar is the priority over tf2.

Add me to trial, I'm in playoffs, I will be only available on the weekend

I still hope to see SCHMITSHOT and SCAR in my fucking open team..

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  1. toco said:

    God himself
    Will outdamage every other medic

  2. hondjo: chumtoad. - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    give him second place open medal admins and move him to prem thanks

  3. Albatar: aCa said:

    mon héros

  4. SchmitShot: Paf! - myman said:

    “”I still hope to see SCHMITSHOT and SCAR in my fucking open team..””

  5. Tonton Flairix: :muscle: said:


  6. juxta: aCa - myman said:

    baby voice but a nutter

  7. Tonton Flairix: :muscle: said:


  8. virgonaly: WWW said:


  9. toco said:


  10. Tonton Flairix: :muscle: said:

    Available after this friday to trial.

  11. Tonton Flairix: :muscle: said:


  12. Tonton Flairix: :muscle: said:


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