EngineerPyro  High Skill, Highlander

Finland Miko

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lft pyro (main) or engineer (sub)

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Ahvenanmaa [6on6] Miko
Left Bad at Positioning [6on6] Miko
Joined Tissit [Highlander] juju
Left I love all Admins [Highlander] Miko
Joined I love all Admins [Highlander] Woona
Left [Highlander] Miko
Joined Bad at Positioning [6on6] NikolaNido
Left TANK [6on6] Cherry
Joined TANK [6on6] Cherry
Left Leithous [6on6] taeva
Joined Leithous [6on6] taeva
Left Bad at Positioning [6on6] Miko
Joined [Highlander] Nebula
Left I love all Admins [Highlander] Miko
Joined I love all Admins [Highlander] Woona
Left 3'da guys [Highlander] Miko
Joined Bad at Positioning [6on6] NikolaNido
Left SK TELECOM T1 [6on6] Woona
Joined SK TELECOM T1 [6on6] Woona
Left Bad at Positioning [6on6] Miko
Joined 3'da guys [Highlander] unk1nd.
Left I love all Admins [Highlander] Miko
Joined I love all Admins [Highlander] Woona
Left Keep It Kosher! [Highlander] Miko
Joined Arab Shreks [Fun Team] Miko
Joined Keep It Kosher! [Highlander] MoreBuckets!
Joined Bad at Positioning [6on6] Miko
Left [Highlander] Miko
Joined [Highlander] wackydog123
Left xXShuriken%Master%KillersXx [Highlander] Miko
Left Nasty Wankers [6on6] CoppyZ
Joined xXShuriken%Master%KillersXx [Highlander] Miko
Left fffffffffffffffffffff [Fun Team] Miko
Left S!r [Highlander] Miko
Joined fffffffffffffffffffff [Fun Team] Miko
Joined S!r [Highlander] Fluff
Left Nomad [Highlander] Miko
Joined Nasty Wankers [6on6] MaybeEvenTheBest
Left HOMESENt [2on2] Miko
Joined Nomad [Highlander] Kravech_xd
Left Six on Six [6on6] Miko
Joined HOMESENt [2on2] Kravech_xd
Joined Six on Six [6on6] Miko

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  1. bkts: UO - MMR said:


  2. lacurio said:

    played with him in 6s. Miko is an easy guy to play with. He manages to keep comms friendly and was a big factor to bring our team closer together. He usually does not do dumb shit and I have never seen him out of position. He shows up to scrims and officials. In short, you can rely on him!

  3. deere: TFTV said:

    Good pickup for both classes, confident with any role as well as communicating well and being friendly

  4. NikolaNido: BaP said:

    cool guy, willing to invest a lot of time in a team, always is on time and he tries to get the team to work together and win. from mvm to 6s all around great teammate

  5. Cherry: Snack - Snack said:

    really recommened he is the best
    also have nice discord server

  6. shinso: dog - TBC said:

    s u o m i p e r k e l e

  7. unk1nd. said:

    stays calm during games, nice memes, plenty of gore if you’re into that and he’s a great player, i’ve loved every game i’ve played with my nigga

  8. gambit said:

    good engie

  9. DelT: Quick said:

    he might actually take the pyro class seriously this time so go ahead and trial him

  10. Metso said:

    His brain is massive

  11. kiikki: BaP said:

    A calm gamer who is never late

  12. auto: ❄️ said:

    you are feeding

  13. unk1nd. said:

  14. Kingorcoc: BaP - ☆ RW ☆ said:

    big dick gamer

  15. Miko: Aland - Tissi said:


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