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Serbia shinso

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sub for next season
can also do other classes in div 2 except demo
also dont mind subbing in ugc

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Joined Monkeys with Attitude [6on6] Fenex
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  1. shinso: dog - TBC said:


  2. BlastFM: SORA⚡️ - !add 4 said:

    i wanna see shinso medic

  3. clean carp: 6 - WLS said:

    Shinso prem med .. go go go

  4. FTH: 177013 - pizza said:

    Sex gamer

  5. StyX: exc said:

    cool sexy boi,he can play easily d1-prem

  6. StyX: exc said:

    eyy slish ti pepsikolniy parkur markur epta

  7. Adje: want it? - :) said:

    better than most players on a powerpoint presentation laptop

  8. WAX: want it? - ! said:


  9. Lanzer: V.B - inv said:

    Comment for comment

    100% comment back.

    +rep best AWP’er
    +rep Sign my profile
    +rep Top Player
    +rep Thanks For Carry
    +rep Epic Comeback
    +rep Great Teammate
    +rep sign me pls
    +rep Epic Clutch
    +rep Insane Skills
    +rep Nice Inventory
    +rep nice profile
    +rep Friendly Person

  10. trum: NAVI said:


  11. shinso: dog - TBC said:


  12. StyX: exc said:


  13. Teriyaki Sauce: Snus said:

    very homosexual but cute

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