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Sweden maidos

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After years of being sick and finally cured, I would like to play tf2 again along with my uni starting.

I am rusty but i would like to believe i can improve the more i play.

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Action Team By Date
Joined ZOOMERS [6on6] TendoN
Left 0, 0, 0 [6on6] maidos
Joined 0, 0, 0 [6on6] Smoggie
Left High(t) Dudes [6on6] maidos
Joined High(t) Dudes [6on6] HightDetal
Left we dont even play tf2 [6on6] maidos
Joined we dont even play tf2 [6on6] _Mark
Left we dont even play tf2 [6on6] maidos
Joined we dont even play tf2 [6on6] _Mark
Left This is corbens fault [6on6] maidos
Joined This is corbens fault [6on6] shoras
Left Fakku Brigade [6on6] maidos
Joined Fakku Brigade [6on6] Deadpool
Left Breaking Badlands [6on6] Captain Cucumber
Joined Breaking Badlands [6on6] Captain Cucumber
Left torigrilli [6on6] maidos
Joined torigrilli [6on6] jx53
Left Kimzans pungkulor [6on6] maidos
Joined Kimzans pungkulor [6on6] maidos
Left Mammas köttbullar [6on6] maidos
Joined Mammas köttbullar [6on6] maidos
Left Status Quo [6on6] maidos
Left #DEATHRUSSIAN ENTERPRISE [Highlander] nijoonen
Joined Status Quo [6on6] walters
Joined #DEATHRUSSIAN ENTERPRISE [Highlander] nijoonen
Left Furaribi [6on6] maidos
Left Snuggle Struggle Squad [Highlander] Connor
Joined Snuggle Struggle Squad [Highlander] maidos
Left JimiJam [Highlander] neophyte78
Joined Pertinax [Fun Team] maidos
Joined Furaribi [6on6] maidos
Left TeKKen [6on6] maidos
Joined TeKKen [6on6] maidos
Joined JimiJam [Highlander] maidos
Left The eXtincts [Highlander] maidos
Left Incertus [6on6] maidos
Joined The eXtincts [Highlander] maidos
Joined Incertus [6on6] maidos
Left Incertus [6on6] maidos
Joined Incertus [6on6] maidos
Left Insane Dutch Killers - Midgard [6on6] Flack
Left XtraViaTioN [Highlander] Mr Biggles
Joined Insane Dutch Killers - Midgard [6on6] maidos
Left XtraViaTioN [6on6] maidos
Joined XtraViaTioN [6on6] Mr Biggles
Joined XtraViaTioN [Highlander] Mr Biggles
Left Ping Is Good [Highlander] Smoothie
Joined Ping Is Good [Highlander] Smoothie

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  1. TimTum: (ETF2L Donator) - icemonkey - MMR said:

    welcome back :D really nice guy

  2. Heny: chumtoad. - regretful said:

    Welcome back!

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