Sniper  Mid Skill, Highlander

Greece stalky

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hello there im back to comp i have played a lot seasons of open and i believe im finally ready to head to mid+i already have a trial for a team but im not sure if they will play this season. i wouldnt like to stay without a team so i want a team that can give me a decent amount of space so i can try and improve my current state. im pretty decent with call outs and im willing to improve as much as possible i really love comp and all the enviroment i promise that i will give my best possible always avalaible. add me if interested

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Drug Mosquitoes [Highlander] Fabeure
Joined Drug Mosquitoes [Highlander] Fabeure
Left ☆ Redwood ☆ [Highlander] stalky
Joined Heart Pirates [6on6] Luna Lana
Left Heart Pirates [6on6] Hoxtilicious
Left Greece [National 6v6 Team] stalky
Left Greece [National Highlander Team] stalky
Joined Heart Pirates [6on6] Hoxtilicious
Joined ☆ Redwood ☆ [Highlander] Hoxtilicious
Left Curtasi of Commradery [Highlander] Sanji
Joined Curtasi of Commradery [Highlander] Sanji
Left fuck, our med is Gon [6on6] Hoxtilicious
Left PUZON ESPORTS [Highlander] Nolmo
Joined PUZON ESPORTS [Highlander] Nolmo
Left ☆ Redwood ☆ [Highlander] Hoxtilicious
Joined Greece [National 6v6 Team] Harrow
Joined Greece [National Highlander Team] Harrow
Left Greece [National Highlander Team] sλayeR
Joined ☆ Redwood ☆ [Highlander] Hoxtilicious
Left Team SniperScout [Highlander] stalky
Joined Team SniperScout [Highlander] Sodium
Left Team SniperScout [Highlander] Hoxtilicious
Joined fuck, our med is Gon [6on6] Hoxtilicious
Left Cloudy dropped for our sins [6on6] stalky
Joined Team SniperScout [Highlander] Hoxtilicious
Left S!r [Highlander] stalky
Joined S!r [Highlander] Fluff
Joined Cloudy dropped for our sins [6on6] Black
Left Heroes and zeros: One night warriors [Highlander] stexer
Joined Heroes and zeros: One night warriors [Highlander] stexer
Left Lads on Tour [Highlander] stalky
Left stalker join my plat team [Fun Team] stalky
Joined Greece [National Highlander Team] nik
Joined Lads on Tour [Highlander] extrasolar
Left magnificent bastards [Highlander] stalky
Joined stalker join my plat team [Fun Team] Celreo
Joined Team JEP!C on tour [LAN Team] Celreo
Joined magnificent bastards [Highlander] james
Left Xplosion Mad Team [6on6] stalky
Left xX_THE ULTAMATE GAMERS_Xx [Highlander] stalky
Joined xX_THE ULTAMATE GAMERS_Xx [Highlander] bum
Joined Xplosion Mad Team [6on6] D3rKeiZ

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  1. Hoxtilicious: HP - SeG said:

    He’s a god and very keen give him a shot.

  2. Orixly said:

    He’s an amazing player, a big brain gamer and one of the best snipers i have seen <3

  3. [blank]: .Qc` said:

    absolute god

  4. troy: troy said:

    actual fucking mad man nothing challenges him. god himself

  5. coyo: Xypher - troy said:

    jesus fucking christ hes sog doo zomgggg liiit !!!

  6. sofie: ☆ RW ☆ said:

    almost as good as me ;)

  7. croix: _____iwate - LFC said:

    he has a very strong will to improve, could improve a lot in a committed team. should be good for mid

  8. GR1M: notRC said:

    An absolute mad lad

  9. Lucian: _____iwate - $$$ said:

    better than me

  10. matej: APE - uwu said:

    he is good take him

  11. Jazz: Engie↓ said:

    only reason he lost to USA was cause it wasnt upward tbh

  12. M_J_C said:

    Well I am impressed by this guy on 17 fps he had a lot of epic headshots! He is really good take him as fast as you can

  13. RRR: notRC - notRC said:

    give him more fps and he will do insane dpm

  14. therealslimswayze: McV - [MB] said:

    can click on people pretty well, would recommend to acquiesce as your Australian long shoot man :)

  15. DelT: officer - CHIMP said:

    Nice dude, just get him a good pyro so he doesn’t get backstabbed by pesky spies or he won’t enjoy his time in ur team and possibly yell. Also hes a fucking nolifer playing lobbies 24/7 for some reason so just give him some scrim time so he isn’t bored raping random openers. I remember his pc was shit or something like that(he’s a greek lol) so idk if he got a new one but that was probs also reason he couldn’t go above open. Honestly I’m quite surprised he didn’t go mid yet after all that.

  16. Axi: DLMSDIV said:

    as long as the other team doesnt run kritz he clicks heads p well

  17. Luna Lana: HP said:

    Absolute Gamer

  18. Hummon: APE - MJ12 said:

    Be afraid, this man possesses the power of more than 17 fps now, thw world should be afraid of his power.

  19. MatTj: ᵧaᴸʟₐʜ - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    240 fps – I sleep
    17 FPS – R E A L S H I T

  20. magistr: funny said:

    Be afraid, this man possesses the power of more than 17 fps now, thw world should be afraid of his power.

  21. TK_: CHIMP said:

    Wasting all those hours with shit fps in open be like

  22. Liko: CHUGS - CSPB said:

    17 fps now aquired 17 virgins

  23. T1k.: OY VEY said:

    went from 17 fps to 17 new bugattis
    this nigga be going HAAAAARD
    we rolin
    he cool, he part of the gang, he sick
    get this guy

  24. grix: CBT - Engie↓ said:

    bruh moment

  25. Hampe: CBT - Wow, swag said:

  26. grix: CBT - Engie↓ said:

    16 dpm kinda mid+ player

  27. stalky: HP said:

    so many comments but i would prefer some trials xd

  28. kuroi: KoH - CHIMP JR said:

  29. BlastFM: HP - Sampler HL said:

  30. crnliska said:

    even Chris Brown envy his aim, he pretends to ignore his pain, while he covering his angel in his veins

  31. sofie: ☆ RW ☆ said:

    i can trial u, hmu

  32. dafuqwasthat: WCS said:

    this man can actually click heads on 17fps, imagine what he could do on 60+

  33. .strix: ZENGURT - FoxHole said:

    he’s good he just need to be more positive would reccomend

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