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im away from the 8th to the 29th of july (gone from w7 to the very end of the season) but hopefully someone will let me main somewhere right ?
keen, got loads of time to practice whatever im meant to be playing
im not scrimming less than 3 times a week
low is cool too as long as u aim for playoffs (but considering ill be away for playoffs its most likely a yikes)
skribbl main

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Joined Pot-au-Feu 3.0 [6on6] AcidPeter
Left Police Squad [6on6] juxta
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Left NicerGuys [6on6] Cookie_
Joined NicerGuys [6on6] Cookie_
Left Free Animals and Robert the Manta Ray [6on6] juxta
Joined Free Animals and Robert the Manta Ray [6on6] juxta
Left Police Squad [6on6] juxta
Joined Police Squad [6on6] Shuffles_
Left miss browns boys [6on6] juxta
Joined sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam [2on2] disable
Joined miss browns boys [6on6] disable
Left Pot-au-Feu 3.0 [6on6] juxta
Joined AYEM AYEM AYEM C DU BISCUIT LA LOW [Highlander] SchmitShot
Joined Pot-au-Feu 3.0 [6on6] N_guy
Left Gamers Against Weed [6on6] juxta
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Left CAFe-sports [6on6] Nhaaj
Joined 9 Gays [Fun Team] therealslimswayze
Left TF2Connexion [Highlander] juxta
Joined CAFe-sports [6on6] Whip_Cactus
Left Badlands Badgers [6on6] juxta
Joined TF2Connexion [Highlander] Babouk
Joined Badlands Badgers [6on6] Traxgarte
Left Epipslon eSprots [6on6] juxta
Left Interrobang [Highlander] juxta
Left Tweeds [2on2] juxta
Joined Interrobang [Highlander] tmg_
Joined Epipslon eSprots [6on6] tmg_
Left Pay2Fun (noop tim) [Fun Team] juxta
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Joined Tweeds [2on2] Drummer

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  1. juxta: Paf! 3.0 - A3CDBL2 said:

    (i alr have a team for the preseason cup)

  2. Tonton Flairix: LP - A3CDBL2 said:

    Schmit ” Sam en scout t’as pas le niveau low”

  3. SchmitShot: Paf! 3.0 - badL said:

    déforme pas mes citations ttf stp

    ne répète jamais a personne notre secret sam sur l’égocentrisme ultime (tu vois de quoi je veux parler mdr)

    la porte reste ouverte

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