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Poland nurse

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Hello hello!
I'm looking for nice mid team for s19, maybe I don't have too many matches played but my first season of HL was success.
I have mentor so I won't be alone in the dark as well.
I start make my babysteps in 6s this season, but I'm still very keen about HL, I want learn and improve.
Add me for trials :)

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Action Team By Date
Left Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS JR [Highlander] nurse
Joined BLU Passport [6on6] Pecklesteiner
Joined Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS JR [Highlander] JoeN
Left WikiWikiWaWaBlud [Highlander] nurse
Joined WikiWikiWaWaBlud [Highlander] Swanny
Left Belle Delphines Fan Club [6on6] Josh
Left thank you, next [Highlander] Josh
Joined Belle Delphines Fan Club [6on6] Josh
Joined thank you, next [Highlander] Josh
Left rip [6on6] nurse
Joined rip [6on6] Morgan
Left Fresh Salad [Fun Team] nurse
Joined Fresh Salad [Fun Team] Racso

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  1. Aelkyr: PORG - ☆ PH ☆ said:

    weirdly nice or nicely weird, one of the two.

  2. Basil: LiF - XD said:

    Great leader, very keen about hl, not the best but she can definitely improve in no time. Would say she’s worth a trial

  3. RNTenant: protec - Sampler HL said:

    Let there be no shadow of a doubt that she’s a dedicated player because that’s a fact. In one season she learned plenty, and in another she’ll learn so much more. Trial her.

  4. MoreBuckets!: DS. - uwu said:

    definitely has extreme dedication and potential get her now!

  5. froz: mwa - uD said:

    get her up won’t regret

  6. prpht: GD - Dr. med. said:

    Responsible, dedicated player that cares about her teammates. Pick her up and see for yourselves (;

  7. Phil said:

    take her in a mid team now, open is a big joke

  8. Rysiek: chad - MF said:

    she deserves good team

  9. Strife: McB said:

    She’s has 8500 ubers on 3 different Medi Guns… Trial while you can :o

  10. quake84: █▀█ █▄█▀█▀ said:

    >8500 ubers on 3 different mediguns, therefore should trial

    trial me for best engineer worldwide, I have 50k sentry kills on my pda guise

  11. nurse: BLU said:

    @quake84 ~~ you forget that each time when I reach Hale’s Own I immediately switch to my unusual medi gun, which sadly don’t have strange part.
    So not all ubers are counted :'(

  12. BoB: APE said:

    She deserves!

  13. Aaron: SHAG said:

    Better at 6s to be fair :D

  14. nurse: BLU said:

    Aaron tries make me 6s woman while in fact my heart belongs to HL.


  15. Aaron: SHAG said:

    She actually said she is even about to forget HL for 6s.


  16. Pecklesteiner: BLU - XD said:

    Great leader, great Medic, all around very good teammate. Pick her up to rek middies

  17. nurse: BLU said:

    Aaron just don’t understands beauty of HL, otherwise he would know that HL>6s forever and ever.


  18. Legoras: XD said:

    Trial her.

  19. Gragery: ☪️ - uD said:

    :thumbs_up: for nurse

  20. supra: █▀█ █▄█▀█▀ said:

    for your inconvinience 9>6

  21. MatTj: NIBA - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    up up up

  22. HOI: nufcZONE said:

    add nurse for trials :)

  23. nurse: BLU said:


  24. Hannes: ..d1ck - YNWA. said:

    very good playeR!!

  25. mezzo: ⎝⎠ ⧹⧸⧹⧸ ⎝⎠ - SDCK said:


  26. dempsey: woofwoof - COGU said:

    [1:32 AM]
    ❅✮nurse✮❅ LFT HL: bump my rec post pls

  27. nurse: BLU said:

    bump bump

  28. Max: LiF said:

    Can only get better, especially with the right team ^^

  29. Satan said:

    taker her, you won’t regret it !

  30. nurse: BLU said:


  31. nurse: BLU said:


  32. Timmy: McV - [MB] said:


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