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Sweden grix

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div2 roamer pls <3

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Joined Cock And Ball Torture [6on6] nagle
Joined 3'da guys [Highlander] unk1nd.
Left it's dinner time: jeff edition [6on6] grix
Left Pedro: Wow, swag [Highlander] grix
Joined it's dinner time: jeff edition [6on6] Hampe
Left Digital Warfare [6on6] grix
Joined Pedro: Wow, swag [Highlander] Hampe
Left bik is ti [Highlander] grix
Joined Digital Warfare [6on6] Offside
Left morm [6on6] grix
Joined morm [6on6] grix
Joined we fight in daddys name [2on2] grix
Left tik is bi [6on6] grix
Joined bik is ti [Highlander] Straus
Left Undercover Prodigies [Highlander] grix
Joined tik is bi [6on6] grix
Left Hello (: [6on6] grix
Joined Undercover Prodigies [Highlander] Straus
Left ColdSoup [Highlander] grix
Joined ColdSoup [Highlander] beholdd
Joined Hello (: [6on6] T1k.
Left Hello (: [6on6] T1k.
Joined Hello (: [6on6] T1k.

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  1. Arunir: Wow, swag said:

    Has potential. Has to stop loving In a frag movie.

  2. rivka said:

    big gamer. large.

  3. unk1nd.: ZENGURT - 3' said:

    big cheese

  4. grix: CBT - 3' said:

    also fine with top mid aslong as we scrim div2 teams

  5. nagle: CBT - Wow, swag said:

    He wears eyeliner and says gay things a lot dont pick him up probably gay, ok rocket shoot tho

  6. Qohen: ranch - CHIMPU18 said:

    approved tbh

  7. Jazz: chad - Engie↓ said:

    hits his monitor when he flicks

  8. Ceno: D-WAR - Wow, swag said:

    [Yesterday, 21:50]
    what hud

    [Yesterday, 21:58]
    bubbly wash:
    sugma hud

    [Yesterday, 21:58]
    what is sugma?

    [Yesterday, 21:58]
    bubbly wash:
    sugma balls

    [Yesterday, 21:58]
    omg what
    oh no

  9. grix: CBT - 3' said:

    Bump :(

  10. shinso: ASS - VLHL said:

    godlike gamer

  11. choke said:

    v good

  12. rabid said:


  13. ollie: notRC said:

    played with him in rgl was very good

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