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Germany Amaterasu

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Looking for a nice 6s and HL LAN team for Copenhagen. Unless some unforeseeable event comes up I will be going 100%.

6v6 (Mid):

HL (High):
Scout > Spy/Engineer/Sniper (would need some derusting on Engie before)

Add me on Steam.

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Joined wer das liest ist klever [6on6] Amaterasu
Left HerbsArmy [6on6] Amaterasu
Joined Doctors Of Mediocrity [Highlander] LionKing
Left Team 4 Friends Highlander [Highlander] Amaterasu
Joined HerbsArmy [6on6] fränk
Left BaywatchBois [6on6] Amaterasu
Joined BaywatchBois [6on6] meh
Joined Team 4 Friends Highlander [Highlander] NKF
Left PAROXYSM [Highlander] Amaterasu
Joined PAROXYSM [Highlander] Heatburn
Left Team 4 Friends Highlander [Highlander] Amaterasu
Left Team 4 Friends [6on6] Amaterasu
Joined Team 4 Friends Highlander [Highlander] fränk
Joined Okami [1on1] Amaterasu
Left Lemmings HL [Highlander] Amaterasu
Joined Team 4 Friends [6on6] fränk
Joined Lemmings HL [Highlander] stefaaan
Left Mazoku [Highlander] Amaterasu
Joined Mazoku [Highlander] Amaterasu
Left Manic Street Preachers [Highlander] Amaterasu
Joined Manic Street Preachers [Highlander] Bo0n3

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  1. narkkari: VR said:

    still better than Marv on sniper 4Head

  2. DCS: (Head Admin) - ist klever - m a s o n said:

    Keen bean! (:

  3. Amaterasu: (Anti Cheat Staff) - ist klever - Dr. med. said:

    yes yes

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