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Belgium Dying Tom

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Looking for s32. Can play several nights a week.
Add me for trials.

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Joined Feline Follies [6on6] Dying Tom
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Left Cerulean [6on6] Dying Tom
Joined Cerulean [6on6] Punda
Left Meowmyx [6on6] Dying Tom
Joined Meowmyx [6on6] gilga
Left The Compound [6on6] Dying Tom
Left Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] redwood
Joined The Compound [6on6] Storm
Left Vsauce enthusiasts [6on6] Dying Tom
Joined Ugandan Pizza Police [Highlander] redwood
Left Ginyu -Reborn [Highlander] Dying Tom
Joined Vsauce enthusiasts [6on6] meh
Left Lucky Lukes [6on6] Dying Tom
Joined Ginyu -Reborn [Highlander] Max Vultur
Left stanky bean [Highlander] Dying Tom
Joined Lucky Lukes [6on6] Balder
Left Surstromming [6on6] Dying Tom
Joined stanky bean [Highlander] Zoey
Joined Surstromming [6on6] Racso
Left Dirty ol' Pharaohs of Egypt [6on6] Dying Tom
Joined Belgium [National Highlander Team] Synrise
Joined Dirty ol' Pharaohs of Egypt [6on6] Habeef
Left Lassie Co [6on6] Dying Tom
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Left Bears with Shades [6on6] Dying Tom
Joined Bears with Shades [6on6] Zoey
Left Via's Nerd Assembly [6on6] Dying Tom
Joined Via's Nerd Assembly [6on6] Via
Left meowmyx [6on6] Dying Tom
Joined meowmyx [6on6] gilga
Left Russian Brain Advantage [6on6] Dying Tom
Joined Russian Brain Advantage [6on6] Silvermaster
Left Matt's autistic pizza gang bang [6on6] Dying Tom
Joined Matt's autistic pizza gang bang [6on6] Gazy
Left Elytra [6on6] Dying Tom
Left The Joey Salads Appreciation Club [Highlander] Dying Tom
Joined The Joey Salads Appreciation Club [Highlander] Klin
Joined Elytra [6on6] puzol
Left idk? [6on6] Dying Tom
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  1. Jamie c:: Follies said:

    very old gamer, could die at any point during the season due to natural causes. No but seriously nice person and good at shooting things.

  2. Dying Tom: Follies said:


  3. flexu said:

    has pretty nice dm

  4. klaxir said:

    Good dm, nice and funny guy