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UnitedKingdom coyo

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s32 cph
roamer div2
want to keen it with keen gamers.
available most/all days .

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  1. Matthes said:

    mad talent

  2. troy: alligator - troy said:


  3. hamaham: doge said:

    so beautiful player and person

  4. Divine: (ETF2L Donator) - ^ - Wiki said:

    yes yes yes now!

  5. Charlie: CLARTED said:

    big friend and nuts

  6. seeds: SVIFT - -chess- said:

    the friend. get him

  7. z0diack: Carlsberg said:


  8. slesh: ties said:

    coyo (the friend) : yuh yuh

  9. coyo: Xypher - troy said:

    omg !!!! give me a reason to go to get up in the morning !!! (afternoon) :D

  10. coyo: Xypher - troy said:

    bump ! !! !

  11. Matthes said:

    much better than me

  12. mak: THEORIST said:

    the freind

  13. coyo: Xypher - troy said:

    any friend ?

  14. coyo: Xypher - troy said:

    this game’s terrible :D

  15. Divine: (ETF2L Donator) - ^ - Wiki said:

    how has this man not found any friend yet????