Demoman  Mid Skill, 6on6

Hungary daga

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Greetings fellow gamers,


looking for a solid mid team
main pos
available almost every day

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Left motoros gang [Fun Team] daga
Joined Cerberus [6on6] Jancsik
Left Amigor? [6on6] daga
Joined Stinghan Academy [Highlander] Bajer
Joined motoros gang [Fun Team] daga
Left HypeTrain [Highlander] daga
Joined HypeTrain [Highlander] daga
Left The Worst Awesome Team [Highlander] daga
Joined The Worst Awesome Team [Highlander] QWERT
Joined weed [1on1] daga
Joined Amigor? [6on6] AlmasKifli
Left Pancs3r tim [1on1] daga
Left Luck always beats Skill [Highlander] daga
Left waterboyz [6on6] daga
Left Double Quantum [Fun Team] daga
Joined Luck always beats Skill [Highlander] Baton793
Left send nudes to cowboys [Highlander] daga
Joined waterboyz [6on6] barna
Left oreo lickers [6on6] daga
Joined Double Quantum [Fun Team] ar7
Joined oreo lickers [6on6] daga
Joined send nudes to cowboys [Highlander] barna
Left JinJang [Highlander] daga
Left Cubic Meter [6on6] invis
Joined Cubic Meter [6on6] Reoccurring
Left Cubic Meter [6on6] daga
Left TIMEONE [Fun Team] daga
Joined JinJang [Highlander] Hoolygan5
Joined TIMEONE [Fun Team] daga
Left up and coming [Fun Team] daga
Joined emelt tori [2on2] daga
Left Table Union [Highlander] daga
Joined Table Union [Highlander] MR.Awesome
Left Loyality & Royality [Highlander] daga
Joined Pancs3r tim [1on1] daga
Joined Cubic Meter [6on6] daga
Joined Loyality & Royality [Highlander] daga
Joined up and coming [Fun Team] csiga
Left HypeTrain [6on6] daga
Left ||One Shot [Highlander] daga
Joined HypeTrain [6on6] daga
Joined ||One Shot [Highlander] Dreddy

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  1. dodef: BaB - VLHL said:

    hits hard but could work some more on positioning

  2. Mr.Owl: 少林 said:

    Looking for demo mid for s32

  3. trum: tri_prsta - SDCS! said:

    solid demo, get him

  4. Traxgarte: BaB said:

    Good DM, keen af and good attitude. Solid pick up.

  5. invis said:

    daga = fat , csövek = pipes. daga + csövek = fat pipes

  6. ox.: tri_prsta - KRUL said:

    good boi

  7. AlmasKifli: Amigor? said:

    nice demo

  8. daga: -SA- said:


  9. trum: tri_prsta - SDCS! said:


  10. nubbi: nufcZONE - TORPEDO said:


  11. supra: pngwn - -Xe- said:

    i am waiting for morebuckets response as he’s always leading solid mid teams

  12. trum: tri_prsta - SDCS! said:


  13. daga: -SA- said: