Spy  Mid Skill, Highlander

Romania guguloiul1

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In-game name: clean carp

Played one season in etf2l and two seasons in ugc as a spy.
I think I am able to handle mid plays even if i don't have the most extensive competitive background. I think the people in my last etf2l team can vouch for me.

my ugc profile:

Language: english

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Mouse 2 Uber [Highlander] edgarr
Left Mouse 2 Uber [Highlander] guguloiul1
Joined Mouse 2 Uber [Highlander] guguloiul1
Left Ladies and Gentlemen [Highlander] guguloiul1
Joined Ladies and Gentlemen [Highlander] CP66
Left ( . )( . ) Gipsy Bewbs ( . )( . ) [Highlander] guguloiul1
Left Gipsy Bewbs 6v6 [6on6] guguloiul1
Joined ( . )( . ) Gipsy Bewbs ( . )( . ) [Highlander] guguloiul1
Joined Gipsy Bewbs 6v6 [6on6] guguloiul1

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  1. pwrlag said:

    frags hard. a highly organized player with deep comp knowledge

  2. AnonT⚡️S said:

    pretty good fish tbh

  3. wic': M2U said:

    Verry good spy. Good frags, even better calls. Always a credit to team!

  4. Plymouth: KE said:

    he likes kaiser so i guess hes lit asf

  5. sad-panda said:

    I rate him highly, really clean and clear calls. Seems really keen as well be a good pick up for any mid team well worth trying him out at least. Will only get better and improve with more comp experience.

    Also seems pretty chill not the type to rage or get mad.

  6. Lemmy: banana said:

    only competent person on the team tbqh no offense

  7. BlastFM: KE said:

    Tickles and times the tickling of enemy bottoms pretty good, I’d say he’s a good tuxedo terrorist. But he plays csgo casual, and he’s a smelly fish, despite him saying he’s clean