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England Piney

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Very keen gamer boy

wanna play some proper high 6s

i can snipe if needed too, im cute so hmu with offers

main>>>> sub

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Left Cockwombles Of Wimbledon Common [6on6] Piney
Joined Cockwombles Of Wimbledon Common [6on6] thpathm
Joined opeen_squad #borninthewrongdiv [Highlander] mezzo
Left classicgod? [1on1] Lazybear
Left moé [Fun Team] Lazybear
Left L3RDZ [6on6] Lazybear
Left Budget Toucans [Highlander] Lazybear
Joined L3RDZ [6on6] shaggz
Left Police Squad [6on6] Piney
Joined Police Squad [6on6] Shuffles_
Left BtW we're mid [6on6] Piney
Joined Budget Toucans [Highlander] proky
Joined BtW we're mid [6on6] 30.06
Joined classicgod? [1on1] Piney
Left Butterfly Effect [Highlander] Piney
Joined Butterfly Effect [Highlander] Cryyy
Left The (fake) Bureau [Highlander] Piney
Joined The (fake) Bureau [Highlander] Strno
Left Stacked [Highlander] Piney
Left L3RDZ [6on6] Zip
Joined L3RDZ [6on6] Zip
Left Belastend [6on6] Piney
Joined Stacked [Highlander] b33p
Joined Belastend [6on6] Swallow
Left Hakuna Matata [Highlander] sintyyr
Joined Hakuna Matata [Highlander] sintyyr
Left eSports [Highlander] Piney
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Left opeen_squad #borninthewrongdiv [Highlander] b_fisch
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Left JOEYOTECH Feila [Highlander] Connor
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Left Team Colonslash: Frosties [Highlander] MoistPenguin
Left Vertigo [6on6] Piney
Joined Vertigo [6on6] yaynos
Left Fakin Ritar eSports [6on6] Piney
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Left GODL MEDEL!! [Highlander] Piney
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Left Cafe Le Wow [Highlander] Piney
Joined Fakin Ritar eSports [6on6] MALU!
Left Fakin Ritar eSports [6on6] Piney
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Left we are not smart [Highlander] Piney
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Left Release [Highlander] potte
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Left Ranida [Highlander] Piney
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Joined Fakin Ritar eSports [6on6] TwiggyWan Kenobi
Left !bcheck !brekt [6on6] Piney
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Left revive [6on6] fsidu
Joined revive [6on6] fsidu
Left Grumpy Old Men Club [Highlander] ElazulTF2
Left Fakin Ritar eSports [6on6] Piney
Joined Grumpy Old Men Club [Highlander] Alice
Joined Fakin Ritar eSports [6on6] TwiggyWan Kenobi
Left Fakin Ritar eSports [6on6] TwiggyWan Kenobi
Joined Fakin Ritar eSports [6on6] TwiggyWan Kenobi

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  1. Kireek: 124 - -Xe- said:

    Fantastic player and all round great guy. would highly recommend to anyone seeking a high scount & someone who can offclass sniper when situation calls for it

  2. Sivik said:

    Was in a 3 way hug with him and pitts. Was warm, so defos pick up.

  3. Wolfy: .exp said:

    Nice keen and very good gamer defo worth to pick him up

  4. Villdjack: (twisted) - Gaston - S-O said:

    “im running big earner”

  5. Included_Middle: nufcZONE - JOEYO said:


  6. AWJ: Ali-A - #wubafan said:

    “you’re the best demo i ever played against” – [email protected]

    but he’s also pretty good i guess

  7. MS: NICE said:

    Runs amazing Pokémon movesets like Synchronoise on Sigilyph

  8. Qohen: BIXA - PS said:

    classic on, game over

  9. poy: ᵖrₐiˢe - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    big gamer

  10. thpathm: moi said:

    this guy will own and he’s cute

  11. hamaham: hjalte said:

    he snipes a lot and has killed ppl

  12. bum: yerbaby - A07 said:

    can definitely snipe if needed to

  13. caiz: hjalte said:

    certifed me classicgod #3

  14. nubbi: nufcZONE said:

    he’s cute

  15. Neon said:

    probably the best player ive ever played with
    sick scout and a sniper beast
    pick piney if you wanna win games
    (btw people say that he’s cute )

  16. tuja: (ETF2L Donator) - T said:

    yes pick piney if you wanna win games

  17. Foz: (ETF2L Donator) - moi said:

    its lit

  18. Ascend: NEETs said:

    very good gamer!

  19. Greg said:

    god damn this man is so sexy, I would fuck his ass with a spoon, pick him up now

  20. Dandere: moi - SS D5 said:

    super cute gamer boy who can snipe and scoot very well, please gib good home :3

  21. Seekae said:

    Very good scout but not that funny

  22. krokit: Ali-A - PAKI said:

    he likes tf2 almost as much as he likes ponies, fat pick him up

  23. Lucky: LN6 said:

    I can honestly say this man is a very talented player – I myself envy his ability to think, position himself, and aim. He has all the offclassing potential you’ll ever need in a scout, and a diverse play style to suit any team you may have, whether it is passive or aggressive, he can rock any situation he’s put into.
    If victory is what you seek, this is the player for you.

  24. poy: ᵖrₐiˢe - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    “My Pussy is wide open”
    must be a pro gamer then 10/10 can frag

  25. sintyyr: AK-47 said:

    genuinely really fucking good and his humor is 10/10

    Also a really nice guy. He’s a great friend and I recommend him fully

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