ScoutSniper  High/Mid Skill, 6on6

Georgia NuTRiCuLa

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looking for stable 6's team , can play pocket/flank/offclass

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Joined #FreePat [6on6] Mind
Left Victory Road [Highlander] sasami
Left Astrea EC [6on6] dodef
Joined Astrea EC [6on6] dodef
Left OMEGA [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Joined Victory Road [Highlander] AustinN
Left lil Team [Highlander] AustinN
Joined lil Team [Highlander] AustinN
Left Roper eSports [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Joined OMEGA [6on6] Nati0nal
Left webo [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Joined Roper eSports [Highlander] AustinN
Left Selective Attention [Highlander] Foxyfluff
Joined Semper Paratus [1on1] NuTRiCuLa
Joined Selective Attention [Highlander] Foxyfluff
Left Medpicking Medic [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Joined webo [6on6] AustinN
Left [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Joined Medpicking Medic [Highlander] TeemoTheScientist
Left Pocket Rocket [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Joined Georgia [National 6v6 Team] Blinky
Joined Pocket Rocket [Highlander] lovely
Left Lords of Leprechaun [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Joined Lords of Leprechaun [Highlander] slaw
Left Unpoppable [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Joined [6on6] marten
Joined Unpoppable [Highlander] maxxx.lfc
Left Street Bench'd [Highlander] 4hp
Joined Street Bench'd [Highlander] 4hp
Left Street Bench'd [Highlander] quintosh
Left ZuuS [1on1] quintosh
Left Breaking Badlands [6on6] quintosh
Left Georgia [National 6v6 Team] quintosh
Left Georgia [National Highlander Team] quintosh
Joined Street Bench'd [Highlander] 4hp
Joined Breaking Badlands [6on6] Captain Cucumber
Left Breaking Badlands [6on6] Captain Cucumber
Joined Breaking Badlands [6on6] Captain Cucumber
Left Fakku Brigade [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Left Unpoppable [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Joined Georgia [National Highlander Team] Bery
Joined Unpoppable [Highlander] maxxx.lfc
Left Yes Future [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Joined Yes Future [Highlander] Hajdzik
Left Digital Alliance [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Joined Fakku Brigade [6on6] Greg
Left Synergy Gaming [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Joined Digital Alliance [Highlander] Joseph__
Joined Synergy Gaming [6on6] Yuval
Left Nine Days [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Left Sp1re K1ngs [6on6] Kryone
Left GaBeN [2on2] NuTRiCuLa
Left ToTaLLy [Fun Team] NuTRiCuLa
Joined Nine Days [Highlander] Reda
Joined Sp1re K1ngs [6on6] Kryone
Left Team Radical [6on6] Kryone
Joined Team Radical [6on6] Kryone
Left Synergy Gaming [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Left WASP [Highlander] CreatiVe
Joined Synergy Gaming [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Left By The Way [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Joined By The Way [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Joined WASP [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Left It's Mostly About The Gibus [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Left Team Radical [6on6] Kryone
Joined Georgia [National 6v6 Team] NuTRiCuLa
Joined Team Radical [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Left Manchester United [6on6] Essence
Joined Manchester United [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Joined It's Mostly About The Gibus [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Left It's All About The Gibus [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Joined It's All About The Gibus [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Left It's Mostly About The Gibus [Highlander] damneasy
Left Partyvan [6on6] The Worst
Joined Partyvan [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Left Windtunnel Tactics [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Joined Windtunnel Tactics [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Left WTF?2 [6on6] kirpi
Joined WTF?2 [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Left Mother of lag [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Joined ToTaLLy [Fun Team] NuTRiCuLa
Joined GaBeN [2on2] NuTRiCuLa
Joined Mother of lag [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Joined It's Mostly About The Gibus [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Left _noaim Highlander [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Joined _noaim Highlander [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Left The Deeps [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Joined The Deeps [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Left It's Just Logic [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Joined ZuuS [1on1] NuTRiCuLa
Joined It's Just Logic [Highlander] NuTRiCuLa
Left DeathOrGlory [6on6] NuTRiCuLa
Joined DeathOrGlory [6on6] blizzardnoix

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  1. NuTRiCuLa: #FreePat said:

    got some trials but still bump

  2. Sprasty: Godz - ᵈᶜ said:

    Good boyo, nuts as sniper, really good dm as scout too