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France scar

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pocket or roamer
beam or flank

i want to frag


no more emo

trust me

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  1. deli: PAINT - -DC- said:

    kind af, one of the player who have the best potentiel to grow up, he deserve his D2 take him

  2. Noxxy: SG - TF2Co said:

    Great player, really, really kind.

    Let him get his D2, quick, quick !

  3. Sprasty: OwC - -DC- said:

    Keen af and as deli said, kind af too, good dm, good as scout too but as solly he should be even stronger, pick him up :D

  4. coyo: PAINT said:

    so epic

  5. Phil: !add - -DC- said:

    a conard with huge dm

  6. loopster: ouhlala said:

    big hud tester , recommanded

  7. scar: PAINT - -DC- said:

    wow thanks everybody

  8. Barthiz: penguins - -DC- said:

    nuts on everyone

  9. 4hp: -DC- said:

    saves our asses on a regular basis in hl, fun dude to play with

  10. scar: PAINT - -DC- said:

    all this love so beautiful

  11. scar: PAINT - -DC- said:


  12. marcel said:

    iban le taliban bad

  13. Ardacos: ouhlala - TF2Co said:


  14. dwo: ouhlala - RG? said:

    target acquired

  15. shinso: VALH said:

    god gamer never beefs 10/10 would recommend

  16. scar: PAINT - -DC- said:

    wow thanks shinso

  17. scar: PAINT - -DC- said:


  18. Cuby: (XD ͜ʖXD) - TF2Co said:


  19. scar: PAINT - -DC- said:


  20. scar: PAINT - -DC- said:


  21. Godz Ares: Godz - -DC- said:

    top5rocket < scar best french ;)

  22. Silvermaster: megamind said:

    Very good :)

  23. scar: PAINT - -DC- said:

    Thx a lot my Friends

  24. scar: PAINT - -DC- said:


  25. scar: PAINT - -DC- said:


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