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Netherlands Ties

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pocket scout gamer looking for a mid team for season 31
willing to do demo reviews and map talks
can scrim 2/3 times a week
add me if interested

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  1. troy: Alligator said:

    do NOT take ties away from me, ignore this post, he’s carrying me next season just like he’s doing this season with his textbook pocket scout plays and large dm

  2. Ascend: regretful said:

    is that ties from 121 (dutch)

  3. samii: AK-47 - EF2L said:

    mijn gabbe dat ben jij vriend mijn maat
    ben ik in het veld, dan ben ik met jou
    dan ben ik met jou, mijn vriend, mijn maat
    mijn hooligan

  4. PurpleMurch: ceL. said:

    Woah dude, is that THE ties? I’ve heard rumours about this dude, heard he wields power like none other. Pick this guy up if you’re looking for the exodia of team fortress the second.

  5. Cyanic: MUUMIT said:

    could handle mid scout definitely

  6. kodeeey: LMM - Alligator said:

    big gamer, big weeb

  7. pwanda: =__> - EDO said:

    is that the one and only tiesje121 that was juggling on live dutch tv?
    and he is also a good scout

  8. Eddie: .PETER said:

    Good gamer, just remind him to go easy on the vodka.

  9. Lokko: verb - MUUMIT said:

    very keen and nice, with good mechanics, I think hes a massive weeb so be very careful

  10. DuMmTm: COGU said:

    secret frenchie

  11. vladandreiy: (ノಠOಠ)ノ - Alligator said:

    Ok, this is epic

  12. gatsan: HK said:

    King of the 121 clan, dutch, good, what else do u want

  13. Skip: verb said:

    if u don’t pick him up u stupid

  14. Amik: OoO said:

    very good

  15. Lava: Clownz. said:

    He says it’s pronounced “tees” but that makes no sense steve

  16. Ties said:


  17. Sivik said:

    Pretty good scout, can do the good shoot. He has brain, good pick up.

  18. water123: Alex - Alligator said:

    can game scout well

  19. Ties said:


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