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Took a break to chill and play other games.

Looking for main/sub spot in a high team or to play in RGL HL with high ping (can probably play soldier/sniper/heavy in open level. also pyro/spy but they're shit with high ping).

Primarily want fun games with non toxic people. ❤❤

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Left D O G C L A N ∪●ᴥ●∪ BORK BORK [Highlander] Hammock
Joined D O G C L A N ∪●ᴥ●∪ BORK BORK [Highlander] Hammock
Left Dignity Zero [Highlander] Hammock
Joined Dignity Zero [Highlander] MrBliss
Left danish noisaes [Highlander] Hammock
Joined danish noisaes [Highlander] Zodiak
Left CRAZYBWAII Clan [Highlander] counou
Joined CRAZYBWAII Clan [Highlander] princess dvs
Left Team Colonslash: Frosties [Highlander] Hammock
Joined Aztec-Globals [6on6] MoistPenguin
Left The Engineer Apostles [6on6] Hammock
Joined Team Colonslash: Frosties [Highlander] MoistPenguin
Left Team Niveous [Highlander] Hammock
Joined Team Niveous [Highlander] Prod...
Left Team Colonslash: Ambition [Highlander] Hammock
Joined Team Colonslash: Ambition [Highlander] Piplup
Left Team Rocket [Highlander] ☕ ED-E
Joined Team Rocket [Highlander] Gregoravich
Left Team_Tempest [Highlander] Hammock
Joined The Engineer Apostles [6on6] RTC
Left Asterisky Plays [6on6] Hammock
Joined Team_Tempest [Highlander] Kami_
Left 30 Percent [Highlander] Hammock
Joined 30 Percent [Highlander] MH
Left Dogebears - LethalZone [Highlander] Popcorp
Joined Dogebears - LethalZone [Highlander] Popcorp
Left Dogebears - LethalZone [Highlander] Popcorp
Joined Dogebears - LethalZone [Highlander] Popcorp
Joined Asterisky Plays [6on6] Indivicivet
Left AlCoHOLiC PAsSiON [Highlander] Mr. Guy
Joined AlCoHOLiC PAsSiON [Highlander] Hammock
Left Science! [6on6] Hammock
Left Science Highlander [Highlander] Hammock
Joined Science Highlander [Highlander] Oli
Left D0ZhD D0L0K0Hs [Highlander] Hammock
Joined Science! [6on6] Zaccix
Joined D0ZhD D0L0K0Hs [Highlander] Zaccix

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  1. Included_Middle: nufcZONE - JOEYO said:

    W R E N C H

  2. Hammock: x22 - megamind said:


  3. ReseF said:

    When the legend come back from shrekwood

  4. sun: hlpugs said:

    E U R E K A

  5. Hammock: x22 - megamind said:

    edited the ugc rostering for NA RGL HL because medals and people who speak english.