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Denmark rech

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been gone 1.5 years, looking to play some casual tf2 again here and there

i shot some decent bullets back in s9, s11 and s12

expect much rust though

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  1. Blanc: JWB. - hlpugs said:

    han er dansk

  2. Marv: REMOVE - TBC said:

    likes anime

  3. pandemic said:

    wtf yaug he back

  4. cherryrendezvous said:

    nobody MIST you… HAHA. Names cherry btw x

  5. rech said:


  6. cloudy: S-O said:

    y a u g

  7. celvn: BEYOND ⚡️ said:

    yaug comeback hellyea

  8. Fuxx: PrettyGay - SDCS! said:

    where have you been weeb

  9. WRU said:

    bow down highlander snipers for hes about to make you his mistress