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Looking for a top open/low team that is hard working (3+ scrims per week) and willing to improve by recognising mistakes. I've never played outside of open, but have played on open teams with potential for first place (potential that is always unfortunately ruined by the teams collapsing part way through). I don't think I'm low-ready yet, but by next season I think I definitely will be as I play hours of DM/MGE/PUGs per day. I'm a pretty trash scout atm, but if I was given enough time in advance I could bring my scout DM up to par (but obviously I would have to know plenty in advance so that I could start heavily practising scout).

Pocket Soldier > Pocket Scout. Not interested in either of the classes' flank variants or just being a sub.

Some logs from officials last season (filter by damage to see how much I pound :P) (I'm "OwO what's this?" and "fear us"):,


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  1. toco said:

    chill guy, really keen and a solid pick for any open team, pick him up