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Lithuania ReseF

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Come get me ruskiez

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Action Team By Date
Left Keep It Kosher! [Highlander] ReseF
Joined Keep It Kosher! [Highlander] MoreBuckets!
Left EF2L KANKER [Highlander] ReseF
Joined EF2L KANKER [Highlander] samii
Left Divinely Celestials [Highlander] ReseF
Joined Divinely Celestials [Highlander] Sprasty
Left KingPin [Highlander] ReseF
Joined KingPin [Highlander] ojwonder
Left DISBAND DRAGONS [Highlander] ReseF
Joined DISBAND DRAGONS [Highlander] Citrus
Left KingPin [Highlander] ReseF
Left Moralis [6on6] ojwonder
Joined Moralis [6on6] ojwonder
Joined KingPin [Highlander] ojwonder
Left Ghastlierest Gibus [Highlander] ReseF
Joined Ghastlierest Gibus [Highlander] ojwonder
Left Karx's team [Highlander] ReseF
Joined Karx's team [Highlander] happy
Left the meme council (ottomans) [Highlander] ReseF
Joined the meme council (ottomans) [Highlander] potte
Left Actually Killed by Highlander [Highlander] ReseF
Joined Actually Killed by Highlander [Highlander] Aoshi
Left the meme council (ottomans) [Highlander] potte
Joined the meme council (ottomans) [Highlander] potte
Left Highlander Time [Highlander] ReseF
Joined Highlander Time [Highlander] Kuferl
Left Bachuru servo ereliai [Highlander] ReseF
Joined Bachuru servo ereliai [Highlander] haNfa
Left sniper gang [6on6] ReseF
Left Gravelpit Graveyard [Highlander] ReseF
Joined sniper gang [6on6] corben
Joined Lithuania [National Highlander Team] Spreijer
Left The Nebulae | Sindi Edition [6on6] ReseF
Joined The Nebulae | Sindi Edition [6on6] Innion
Left Kebabians [6on6] ReseF
Joined Kebabians [6on6] PoVa^
Joined United Engie Cows Memorial [Fun Team] Spycy
Joined Gravelpit Graveyard [Highlander] BAITO
Left Dogebears - LethalZone [Highlander] ReseF
Left Dragon Boned Demons(6v6) [6on6] ReseF
Joined Dogebears - LethalZone [Highlander] Popcorp
Left Unpoppable [Highlander] ReseF
Joined Dragon Boned Demons(6v6) [6on6] Telepathic Ryuu
Joined Unpoppable [Highlander] maxxx.lfc
Left Cold Fusion [Highlander] ReseF
Joined Cold Fusion [Highlander] Spade
Left Platinum Bullshit [Highlander] ReseF
Left Litovci [6on6] ReseF
Joined Platinum Bullshit [Highlander] Gent
Left Ununited Engie Cows [Highlander] ReseF
Joined Litovci [6on6] ReseF
Joined Ununited Engie Cows [Highlander] ReseF
Left Ununited Engie Cows [Highlander] ReseF
Joined Ununited Engie Cows [Highlander] ReseF
Left Ununited Engie Cows [Highlander] ReseF
Joined Ununited Engie Cows [Highlander] ReseF
Left Ununited Engie Cows [Highlander] ReseF
Joined Ununited Engie Cows [Highlander] ReseF
Left eXtremists [Highlander] ReseF
Joined eXtremists [Highlander] ReseF

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  1. gambit: BAP - ƘƛƝƘЄƦƁOƳƧ said:

    good nibba

  2. pntn: said:

    holy shit he’s alive

  3. MoBa: Lucrosa said:

  4. Zamparonie: WCS said:

    big gameer

  5. samii said:

  6. Magistr: Phoenix S. said:

  7. Citrus said:

  8. zgd: TBC said:

  9. slowtown: kiolox - ⚣fock⚣you⚣ said:

  10. 4hp: TBC said:

    lithuanian gopnik in the flesh

  11. AlesKee: o5. - TORPEDO said:

    sketis 2.0

  12. Pendulum: ƘƛƝƘЄƦƁOƳƧ said:

    BigRef show the world

  13. Spreijer: LEX - SDCK said:

    Professional player

  14. MoreBuckets!: ✡KOSHER!✡ said:

    Absoloute monster

  15. Sketis: VR said:

    Very nice player, unfortunately not better than me , but thats hard to do anyways

  16. Zamparonie: WCS said:

    he will frag