EngineerHeavyPyro  Prem/High Skill, Highlander

Italy Erupo89

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Goddam, looking for team for the next Etf2l season.

Preferably main spot for
engy –> high/prem
pyro –> mid/silver
heavy –> mid/silver

Over 5000 hours played, 900+ as engie
25 seasons-experience

feel free to add me, but please put a comment into my profile, here, so i know why

previous recruitment post with lots of trash talking a lot of trash

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined Tourette Briscola Club [Highlander] Erupo89
Left Divinely Celestials [Highlander] Erupo89
Joined Divinely Celestials [Highlander] smoogle
Left otoINSTINCT Clan [Highlander] MIRAkapic
Joined otoINSTINCT Clan [Highlander] MIRAkapic
Left Roper eSports [Highlander] Erupo89
Joined Roper eSports [Highlander] Roper
Left dead [Highlander] Polarium
Joined dead [Highlander] caiz
Left Pipe Squad [Highlander] Erupo89
Joined Pipe Squad [Highlander] samii
Left Italian DM Heroes [Highlander] Erupo89
Joined Italian DM Heroes [Highlander] BeS
Left The Mythic [Highlander] caiz
Joined Italy [National Highlander Team] BeS
Joined The Mythic [Highlander] caiz
Left Italian DM Heroes [Highlander] Erupo89
Joined Italian DM Heroes [Highlander] BeS
Left Nakedgaming [Highlander] Mankind
Joined Nakedgaming [Highlander] Mankind
Left wax is literally trash [Highlander] Erupo89
Joined wax is literally trash [Highlander] Cat
Left Hearts eSport [Highlander] Erupo89
Joined Hearts eSport [Highlander] Sheezer
Left Team Vision [Highlander] Erupo89
Joined Team Vision [Highlander] Chasing
Left Pocket Rocket [Highlander] Erupo89
Joined Can't toii with the boii [6on6] Zolith
Joined Pocket Rocket [Highlander] lovely
Left inVision [Highlander] STiNGHAN
Left G-SHOCK [6on6] slaw
Joined G-SHOCK [6on6] smky
Left ViciousAndViolent [6on6] Erupo89
Joined inVision [Highlander] STiNGHAN
Left Midnight Society [Highlander] The Ace of Spades
Joined ViciousAndViolent [6on6] Erupo89
Joined Midnight Society [Highlander] The Ace of Spades
Left Name of the team [Highlander] antso the helper
Joined Name of the team [Highlander] antso the helper
Left Elated Xstasy [Highlander] viSte
Joined Elated Xstasy [Highlander] viSte
Left Legal Factory Tactics [Highlander] Erupo89
Joined Legal Factory Tactics [Highlander] FliegenderTalisman
Left Gud Frndz [Highlander] Erupo89
Joined Gud Frndz [Highlander] Monsieur Artichoke
Left Drunken Team o' Morrons [Highlander] Erupo89
Joined Drunken Team o' Morrons [Highlander] d-lello

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View Prem/High 18 797
View High/Mid 14 419
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  1. stexer: .Qc` - Lucrosa said:

    Erupo89 #tf2center lft high engy. But actually really good engineer, pick him up!

  2. Erupo89: boii - TBC said:

    UncleErupo now :D

  3. MoreBuckets!: ✡KOSHER!✡ said:

    Really nice person, Can definitly handle High , Not really sure about Prem but you can still give him trials , you’d never know.

  4. MoBa: Lucrosa said:

    Skilled building man can do high

  5. Sprasty: Godz - TBC said:

    He jokes a lot about racism (I guess?) But hell he’s really keen, always trying for new strats and spots, gets pissed if you don’t use his tele, pick him up!

  6. Ace: matt - VR said:

  7. Godz Ares: Godz - TBC said:

    Best italian in Italy confirmed xD

  8. c.: VR said:

    Peccato per te però che in questo gioco le “para olimpiadi” non ci sono :c

  9. Erupo89: boii - TBC said:

    davvero, infatti mi tocca andare anche più in basso giocando etf2l.

  10. Barthiz: HUSSARS - TBC said:

    good pasta man, likes to joke a bit though, some offensive and racism i guess, besides that, heard he’s a good pasta, trial him

  11. BaaBo: TBA - KP said:

    crushes in high as engineer, pick him up!

  12. Erupo89: boii - TBC said:

    upperino enginerino

  13. MIRAkapic: HONK! said:

    says sprasty is homo
    old man

  14. Polarium: -Xe- said:

    if you want an old man who misses every shot and does nothing ingame then complain hes the man u need

  15. 4hp: TBC said:

    lol polarium you just described me

    anyway I enjoy playing with erupo because he is old like me and poots dispenser where I need it to spam mouse 1 and 2 forever. Don’t stream if he’s in your discord or you’ll get banned, though.

  16. smoogle: -Xe- said:

    polarium the man who’s playing with one of the best tf2 players on the entire comm

    S p e c t a t 0 r

    Aka otoking

  17. Morgan: NASA - VLHL said:

    phil io direi che ti sei già ridicolizzato abbastanza negli ultimi mesi

  18. smoogle: -Xe- said:


    con la differenza che tu lo fai da anni :^)

  19. Erupo89: boii - TBC said:

    Dear Polarium, instead of shittalking people, I would make you think about a thing. Probably the fact you think I always complain depends about the fact it only happens when I play with you.

  20. Axel_DOC said:

    always eating pizza, he’s a good “sentry man”! Trial him

  21. Vetle: Lucrosa said:

    high sure, prem no

  22. Erupo89: boii - TBC said:

    no more flame? shame on you…

  23. Ace: matt - VR said:

  24. Erupo89: boii - TBC said:

    less flame = less interest… :(

  25. Erupo89: boii - TBC said:


  26. toco said:

    I think he might’ve had LFT high in his name for 3 years now

  27. Erupo89: boii - TBC said:

    I have! it’s part of my name now, like a tag