ScoutSniperSoldier  Prem/High Skill, Highlander

Russia Lightclaw

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hi id like to play hihglander
scout – prem
sniper solly – high

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Left Third Eye [6on6] Lightclaw
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Left deaf and blind [Highlander] Lightclaw
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Left tools [6on6] Lightclaw
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Joined tools [6on6] Tercio
Left ==---== [6on6] Lightclaw
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Joined monkaX [6on6] Perlex
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Left impakt [6on6] Lightclaw
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Joined impakt [6on6] wgl
Joined 34cm per second guy [1on1] Lightclaw
Left impakt [6on6] Lightclaw
Joined big dick squad [Fun Team] wgl
Left 性的癒し [Fun Team] Lightclaw
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Left We don't care [6on6] Lightclaw
Joined We don't care [6on6] Silvermaster
Left We don't care [6on6] Lightclaw
Joined We don't care [6on6] Silvermaster
Left fasting and fragging for ramadan [6on6] Lightclaw
Joined canned team in tomato sauce [LAN Team] Lightclaw
Joined fasting and fragging for ramadan [6on6] seeds
Left Carbonade [6on6] Lightclaw
Joined Carbonade [6on6] johnson

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  1. Adje: Leila+8 said:

    milk GOD

    (also has good music playing during his streams)

  2. samii: ..d1ck - EF2L said:

    lightclaw |

  3. Snowstorm: Dayn said:

    milk+w+nobrainclicker = profit

  4. zgd: midboys - -DC- said:

    come when you wiil be debut of the season))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  5. narkkari: kaban - VR said:

  6. mezzo: Clownz. - op_sqd said:


  7. Blanc: Alex - VR said:

    very good gamer yes

  8. Adje: Leila+8 said:

  9. Vetle: OwC - VR said:

    great player

  10. Sketis eks de: VR said:


  11. Ace: ORA ⚡️ - VR said:

    lil claw <3

  12. Pahan: midboys - kiti said:

    нормально вроде катает тащила керри только знает одну страту молоко и вм1, но катает неплохо карту видит хорошо еще на котх мапах играет как чорт а так в принципе хорошо играть умеет игру читает как книгу неплохо хорошо

  13. Lightclaw: Dayn - kiti said:


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