MedicSoldierSpy  Mid Skill, Highlander

Serbia shinso

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Would really like to develop and open isnt really helping much with that as it feels like lobbies and it makes me sad:(
Might be a bit pretentious but yeah, just trial me i guess

3rd place in Open last season if that matters
Can play at most times


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  1. mental: 46DPM - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    Good pick-up on solly, but slams on the spy class. Definitely worth a trial, if not a main spot in a decent mid team, pick him up!

  2. Adje: tri_prsta - TORPEDO said:

    TC ivan slayer, FizzyPug destroyer, hidden mastermind behind Cult of ivan and the Joseph Guardiola of TF2

    I’ve never really seen him on Soldier tbh, but he’s a good med who has a solid understanding of the game. Despite that you should really pick him up on Spy though, he already plays a lot smarter than most Spies currently in High so you’d be a fool not to pick him up for Mid. He’s also a swell guy so he has that going for him

  3. STiNGHAN: STiNG - inv said:


  4. Polarium: -Xe- said:

    cool and also a better player than most mid

  5. Zolith said:

    Has a cute dog, ez mid

  6. Kagero: VLHL said:

    Big man
    Probably better than mid but hey

  7. Sprasty: Godz - TBC said:

    Go pick him, he’s on a gold Plate pls

  8. dogsdiner: _/IHOT¯ - PitO. said:

    solid videogamer

  9. Josh said:


  10. KemNG said:


  11. Grandma said:

    good spy would fuck

  12. Kenny: PETER :) said:

    Needs to develop in Open first

  13. Kocurro: ^ - LEG said:

    Very good spy, gets picks consistently, calls things when needed; bonus points for not being weeb trash, would recommend.

  14. viking: tri_prsta - VLHL said:

    Very good spy knows what he is doing good comms definitely worth picking up for mid

  15. Top: 100 - baumesiter said:

    solid player would recomend

  16. NRG: VR said:

    Great player, definitely better than open!