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England Kraken

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined hasta la vista [6on6] Jordy
Left KEEN MIDDIES [6on6] Kraken
Joined KEEN MIDDIES [6on6] zeFrosty
Left RAUL [6on6] Kraken
Joined RAUL [6on6] Hugo
Left Banana eSports [6on6] Kraken
Joined Banana eSports [6on6] Collaide
Left Kraken Klan [6on6] Kraken
Joined United Nations [Fun Team] krokit
Left Fresh Woah [Fun Team] Kraken
Joined the SOLDIER!!!1!s [2on2] Kraken
Left Sloth Appreciation Society [2on2] Kraken
Joined the SPY!!!!1! [Highlander] Celreo
Left Proper Halal [Highlander] Kraken
Joined Kraken Klan [6on6] tuja
Left Cognitive Contortions [6on6] Kraken
Joined Fresh Woah [Fun Team] Drummer
Joined Cognitive Contortions [6on6] Drummer
Left Keyboard Warriors [6on6] Kraken
Joined Sloth Appreciation Society [2on2] Elyassu
Joined Proper Halal [Highlander] oJ
Left Team Amaze-Balls v3 [Highlander] Kraken
Joined Team Amaze-Balls v3 [Highlander] Donny
Joined Keyboard Warriors [6on6] Elyassu
Left idk? [6on6] Kraken
Left Team [LAN Team] tea
Joined idk? [6on6] tdm0
Joined Team [LAN Team] tea
Left hamalam [6on6] Kraken
Joined hamalam [6on6] Kraken
Left We JahMen [6on6] Kraken
Joined We JahMen [6on6] RatedSlayer
Left Team Solocap [6on6] Kraken
Left wee bit rusty [Highlander] Kraken
Joined Team Solocap [6on6] Kraken
Left [6on6] venom
Joined [6on6] venom
Left The Essentials [6on6] Kraken
Joined The Essentials [6on6] tea
Left Slightly bland [2on2] Kraken
Left Peril Puppies [6on6] Kraken
Joined Peril Puppies [6on6] MrLindskog
Left avi8tors [6on6] Kraken
Joined Slightly bland [2on2] Kraken
Joined wee bit rusty [Highlander] Kraken
Joined avi8tors [6on6] B4ro
Left Not quite amazing [6on6] Kraken
Joined Not quite amazing [6on6] Kraken
Left Artificial Amateurs Aren't At All Amazin [6on6] Kraken
Joined Artificial Amateurs Aren't At All Amazin [6on6] BreD

Previous Recruitment Posts

View Skill Classes Views Added
View High 22 680
View High 16 353
View High 14 384
View High 20 514
View High 22 767
View High 9 493
View High 24 837
View Mid 1 115
View Mid 1 115
View High/Mid 5 237
View Mid 2 144
View Open/Mid 0 217
View Open/Mid 2 321
View Mid 0 188
View Open/Mid 0 373
View Open 0 156
View Open/Mid 0 133
View Mid 0 277
View Open/Mid 0 245
View Div 5/Div 6 0 173
View Div 6 0 264


  1. Liko: ︻芫═一☺ - A07 said:

    crazy frog

  2. Hannes: :() said:

    GOD tier

  3. Kraken: HLV - A07 said:


  4. narkkari: kaban - VR said:

    he a lad
    he a nutter

  5. Jordy: HLV - SENS said:

    such a nice boy and very goob gamer

    terrible opinions about anything ever though

  6. YeeHaw: HLV - UP said:

    just dont ask him about medics moving at scout speed

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