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Hey guys I am a burger invite medic looking for a team for i63 :)

I very much do not want to play medic unless it's for a rly good team, that class is rly boring and I've played enough of it LUL

I would prefer to play soldier if possible, last lan at i61 and had a lot of fun pocketing and owning on 0 ping but I don't really mind between pocket and roamer

I played scout the year before at i58 on another mix team and that was a good time as well but I think I'd prefer to play soldier or demo even (lan demo is fuckin Farmville lmao)

The only complication is I'm going to be studying abroad in Amsterdam this summer so I'll be busy all of July and most of August. Definitely not going to bring my gaming PC over there might bring a decent laptop but I probably won't want to scrim or anything cause there's surely better things to do than play DeadGame™️ 😂

I feel like soldier is a lot easier to pick up and play after not having really played the game for a while (versus scout where u need to grind dm a lot and im not that good at anyways)

If you care about my 'gaming resume' I've played medic in invite for ~2 yrs and got fourth place in invite 3 times now (would have been a fourth but we got memed by ffws -_-)
I also rang medic for froyo at swelan this November and we won that tournament (LUL)

In terms of other class experience I haven't played in ESEA at all but offclsssed the last two iseries for fun mix teams and I also rang for an IM team at the most recent RGB lan (NA) and played soldier (and pyro xD).
Apparently there's a site that aggregates the logs so here's the link to that RGB lan lol (my team might have thrown a game or two and me and Brian competed for the most deaths lmao)

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