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Scotland Sivik

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I am looking for either a top mid team or a low div 2 team as pocket.

I have played pocket for 3 seasons now and consistently perform well in games.
Despite last seasons result, i still feel i am more then able to get playoffs in mid.
Can main call (done it for every season i have played, may want a brake but w/e.)
i63 is something im planning on doing in a team as well.

Add me for trial and what not.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left IRN in Blood, BRU in my Belly [6on6] Sivik
Left Calculated Risk [Highlander] mental
Joined Calculated Risk [Highlander] mental
Joined IRN in Blood, BRU in my Belly [6on6] Sivik
Left The Shaggers Club [6on6] Stylax
Joined The Shaggers Club [6on6] Stylax
Left lamB gyros [6on6] Sivik
Joined lamB gyros [6on6] Nikolomara
Left Troublemakers [LAN Team] Sivik
Left Spooky Sausage [2on2] Sivik
Left Painted Sadness [6on6] Sivik
Joined Troublemakers [LAN Team] soda
Left No Honking $350 Fine [Highlander] Sivik
Joined Spooky Sausage [2on2] D3DICATION
Joined Painted Sadness [6on6] Sivik
Joined No Honking $350 Fine [Highlander] Woona
Left Homos From Holland [6on6] Sivik
Joined Homos From Holland [6on6] Mike Rotch
Left Fresher Meat [6on6] Sivik
Joined Fresher Meat [6on6] Sivik
Left Classical Lobotomy [6on6] Lazybear
Left Down Syndrome Flash Mob [Highlander] Lazybear
Joined Down Syndrome Flash Mob [Highlander] Sivik
Left 6>9 [Highlander] Sivik
Left Down Syndrome Flash Mob [Fun Team] Sivik
Joined Down Syndrome Flash Mob [Fun Team] Sivik
Joined Classical Lobotomy [6on6] Sivik
Left Classical Lobotomy [Fun Team] Sivik
Left Ninjas in Pyjamas [6on6] Sivik
Joined Ninjas in Pyjamas [6on6] Silvermaster
Left v2.31 [6on6] Sivik
Joined Classical Lobotomy [Fun Team] Sivik
Joined 6>9 [Highlander] BreD
Joined v2.31 [6on6] Shuffles_
Left cock Block [Fun Team] Sivik
Joined cock Block [Fun Team] Sivik

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  1. Blobchap said:

    Insane gamer top tier would seriously recommend A* he is a great gamer and a better friend :)

  2. Lava: ulu - 6>9 said:

    He’s a good boi, likes to put some WHESKY en et
    Give trial

  3. Greg: saltystonk said:


  4. Greg: saltystonk said:

    jk gr8 gaymer pick him up

  5. Solar said:

    pick him up if you like scotland

  6. Robinharm: .TDW - 6>9 said:

    all of the above

  7. key said:


  8. Blanc: L.L - chaps said:

    top mid/div 2? O_O

  9. puistokemisti: █▄ █▄█ █▄ said:

    Decent open

  10. Gen: ..d1ck - Wow, swag said:

    Terrible taste in huds

  11. BreD: mi6 - 6>9 said:

    -rep stole my soldier set >:(

  12. Gen: ..d1ck - Wow, swag said:


  13. Kamogawa: HK said:


  14. telephone fan: killmuslim said:

    this is so sad can we hit 50 likes

  15. Niro: Tesco said:

    haha ʸᵉˢ

  16. nagle: ..d1ck - Wow, swag said:

    Div 1 please. Don’t sandbag.

  17. Blanc: L.L - chaps said:

    top mid/div 2

  18. vanqok: BNR said:

    Now This Is Epic…

  19. Flight: ᴇsᴋᴇᴛɪᴛ - -Xe- said:

    beef beef beef

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