Sniper  Prem Skill, Highlander

SaudiArabia soLo'

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pls im good

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Joined Divided Assembly [Highlander] Pistol.Peter98[FR]
Joined EF2L kanker R3B0RN [Fun Team] recorder_rekter69
Left aw AW aw AW [Fun Team] soLo'
Left Nakedgaming [Highlander] soLo'
Joined Nakedgaming [Highlander] Mankind
Left Heroes and zeros [Highlander] stexer
Joined Heroes and zeros [Highlander] stexer
Left Keepo [Highlander] soLo'
Joined pathetic. [1on1] soLo'
Joined Keepo [Highlander] Silvermaster
Left dead [Highlander] soLo'
Joined aw AW aw AW [Fun Team] Mankind
Joined dead [Highlander] cutwrist
Left deadgaming [6on6] Five baz
Left aw AW aw AW [Fun Team] Mankind
Left contact @Arunir_is_gay [Highlander] soLo'
Joined contact @Arunir_is_gay [Highlander] Hampe
Left Nakedgaming [Highlander] Mankind
Joined Nakedgaming [Highlander] Mankind
Joined deadgaming [6on6] Mankind
Joined aw AW aw AW [Fun Team] Mankind

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  1. recorder_rekter69: ..d1ck - said:

    Come near his barrel and get a barrel in ur head

  2. abdo: praise - gaeta said:

    shoots people correctly

  3. Mankind: gaeta said:

    لاعب رياضة الكترونية محترف

  4. stexer: .Qc` said:

    Aim wise would propably be equal to most prem snipers, also knows a lot about the game and his positioning, could use a bit more calls but other than that; good player with great potential

  5. ketchup: hmilf said:

    survives sandstorms

  6. Canlock: Full Ping - sp. said:

    carries his team solo handed

  7. GODMODE: T - faketaxi said:

    made me think about my highlander carrer tbh

  8. Greenwood: BAP said:

    Oil digger

  9. Mr British: L.L - pizza said:

  10. stexer: .Qc` said:

    British lmao posting one of the only bad logs :DDD Have you even seen the other logs where he is doing just fine and even better against high sniper :DD why you come post that shit here

  11. stexer: .Qc` said: i am not the guy to post logs but why not post this one :DD???

  12. Stan: penguins - said:

    he killed me hes good

  13. Mr British: L.L - pizza said:

    People took that seriously? OK lol.

  14. Mr British: L.L - pizza said:

    Also, what’s special about that log, if we’re really going to discuss this?

  15. AustinN: $QUAD said:

    Absolutely insane, was really surprised by his performance in scrims when he was playing with me.

    With the right guys backing this geezer there is insane potential to be gained from him

  16. FTH: ulu - pizza said:

    كويس صارو يمدحون فيك ممتاز ورائع

  17. Pistol.Peter98[FR]: praise - gaeta said:

    Hes property of gaeta dont touch him >:/

  18. AlesKee: $QUAD said:

    is good

  19. Banna: gaeta said:

    Fucking god on sniper

  20. soLo': gaeta said:

    more comments please

  21. supra: Kunta - said:

    cheater eksdee

  22. stalky: PAYDAY 2 - ☆ PH ☆ said:

    insane sniper high/top high maybe even prem statwise i dont even know i have seen games where i couldnt even believe them xD

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