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Georgia polis

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hello, pick me up and i will become keen again, thanks. i prefer flank over pocket, can adapt if i get enough time with your team. can sniper when needed but won't overdo it. add me on steam for talk. no low tier high team that will blow all games please.

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Joined JEPIC 3: Return of the Jediward [6on6] bum
Left dead theory [6on6] polis
Joined dead theory [6on6] mak
Left screaming scottish men!!! [6on6] polis
Left Faggy eSports [2on2] polis
Left polis is bad at soldier [1on1] polis
Joined screaming scottish men!!! [6on6] Zoey
Left God's Plan [6on6] polis
Joined God's Plan [6on6] Tamir
Left Crackstreet Boys [6on6] polis
Joined Crackstreet Boys [6on6] Philip
Left #BIGBOYSEASON'D [6on6] mak
Joined #BIGBOYSEASON'D [6on6] mak
Left °o° [6on6] polis
Joined °o° [6on6] mak
Left ChaoS eSports [6on6] polis
Joined ChaoS eSports [6on6] hamaham
Left ALPHA [6on6] polis
Joined ALPHA [6on6] Jordy
Joined polis is bad at soldier [1on1] polis
Left the SPY!!!!1! [Highlander] polis
Left only 6s mains [Fun Team] polis
Left Dm Retards [6on6] polis
Joined Dm Retards [6on6] Copper
Left reggiN //eSports// [6on6] polis
Joined the SPY!!!!1! [Highlander] bum
Left GANGFORT [Highlander] polis
Joined only 6s mains [Fun Team] Tamir
Joined reggiN //eSports// [6on6] Tamir
Left in the aeroplane over the sea [6on6] Tamir
Joined in the aeroplane over the sea [6on6] Tamir
Left PUBLICK LOW OPEN [6on6] Tamir
Joined GANGFORT [Highlander] Tamir
Joined Georgia [National 6v6 Team] Blinky
Joined PUBLICK LOW OPEN [6on6] Tamir
Left PUBLICK LOW OPEN [6on6] Hatefield
Joined PUBLICK LOW OPEN [6on6] Tamir
Left Chop Lobster [6on6] polis
Joined Faggy eSports [2on2] polis
Joined Chop Lobster [6on6] LinnyBoy
Left GoA - Guild of Assassins [6on6] polis
Left SHOWME AUTISM [Fun Team] polis
Joined SHOWME AUTISM [Fun Team] IamTheSpy
Joined GoA - Guild of Assassins [6on6] davlevan
Left Guild of Assassins [6on6] polis
Joined Guild of Assassins [6on6] polis
Left Stole Your Victory [6on6] polis
Joined Stole Your Victory [6on6] davlevan

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  1. oJ: cLaRtEd - Muscles said:

    very fat player

  2. Jordy: theorist said:


  3. mak: theorist - -Xe- said:

    Crazy flank scout, was very consistent. Can make plays when required but doesn’t go in all the time. Best sniping I’ve seen in EU.

    Solid pick up for mid-table High teams and above.

  4. hamaham: hjalte said:

    he’s the best georgian gamer ever ?

  5. polis: JEPIC said:

    bump for trials