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Denmark Pretzel

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I'm currently looking for a team in Mid

I have plenty of HL experience, but not a lot of 6s experience.. I'm a quick learner, and I'm confident I can play at a mid level if I'm given the chance; the only thing I'm really lacking is the experience.

I am mainly interested in the flank position.

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  1. domiq: Sora⚡️ - HONK! said:

    Smart player who can also kill entire teams as Pyro/Spy. Definetly worth a trial!

    Also scout mains smh

  2. dBubble: ni6 - ✞360✞ said:

  3. Prawn: HIFACGOOO - ✞360✞ said:

    Only plays well on warm days.

  4. Pretzel: SENS said:

    Thank god summer is closing in then

  5. BreD: ni6 - 6>9 said:

    Filthy scout main with constantly cold hends, what more do you want in a gamer?

  6. the rocketeer that c said:

    player with a lot of potential, as he says himself all he needs is experience

    solid dm which will only become better with time, he has the correct mindset and is someone who learns from their mistakes.

    cant recommend him enough for an up and coming mid team.

  7. the rocketeer that c said:

    hes also a playmaker and will make those off class plays work

  8. Pretzel: SENS said:


  9. rivka said:

    definitely has potential and for sure capable of mid