Scout  High Skill, 6on6

Sweden Spirit

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Pocket scout for s30

Available most days! hmu xox

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined project theory [6on6] Jordy
Left PAINT gaming [6on6] Spirit
Joined Lucrosa [Highlander] Cronk
Left JOEYOTECH Feila [Highlander] Leila
Joined PAINT gaming [6on6] catbowcar
Left [6on6] Spirit
Joined [6on6] Foz
Left Banana eSports [6on6] Spirit
Joined Banana eSports [6on6] Collaide
Left mad decent [6on6] Spirit
Joined mad decent [6on6] Jepz
Left /// [6on6] Spirit
Joined JOEYOTECH Feila [Highlander] Leila
Left Sweden [National Highlander Team] Twisted
Joined /// [6on6] Jepz
Left Adam Harrison fan club [6on6] Spirit
Left Moe moe Kyuuuun :3 [Highlander] Menty
Joined Adam Harrison fan club [6on6] Miju
Left Playing With Matches [6on6] Spirit
Joined Playing With Matches [6on6] Manky
Left Foreskings Jr. [6on6] Spirit
Joined Moe moe Kyuuuun :3 [Highlander] Menty
Left Strong Opinions [Highlander] Spirit
Joined Foreskings Jr. [6on6] chodz
Left Death from Above [6on6] Spirit
Joined Death from Above [6on6] Tama
Left Peep Peep Motherfuckers [6on6] Spirit
Joined [Fun Team] Bejcn
Left Dragon Minigun [Fun Team] Spirit
Joined Sweden [National Highlander Team] nijoonen
Joined LIFE IS BALLS [LAN Team] Bloodyyy
Joined Peep Peep Motherfuckers [6on6] Lux
Left Professional Disney Fangirls [6on6] Spirit
Joined Strong Opinions [Highlander] RTC
Left Professional Procrastinators [Highlander] Spirit
Joined Dragon Minigun [Fun Team] Zetorri
Joined Professional Disney Fangirls [6on6] Seal
Left Jujuwar [6on6] Spirit
Joined Jujuwar [6on6] Mr White Star
Left Moder [6on6] Spirit
Joined Professional Procrastinators [Highlander] Seal
Joined Moder [6on6] zzott
Left Team ⑨ [Highlander] juju
Left Team ⑨ [6on6] Spirit
Joined Team ⑨ [6on6] mistes
Left Mixed salad [6on6] Unii
Joined Team ⑨ [Highlander] mistes
Left Otaku Yohei [Highlander] Spirit
Joined Mixed salad [6on6] Unii
Joined Toto - Africa [2on2] Spirit
Joined Otaku Yohei [Highlander] Spirit
Left DuckTape [Highlander] Spirit
Left Space [6on6] Spirit
Joined Space [6on6] Spirit
Joined DuckTape [Highlander] Spirit

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  1. mak: theorist - -Xe- said:

    Good item names, epic snips, good scout. What more do u want

  2. Collaide: (Anti Cheat Staff) - theorist said:

    the lord of the memespoon

  3. Collaide: (Anti Cheat Staff) - theorist said:

    also, good pocket scout

  4. Foz: (ETF2L Donator) said:

    Great pocket scout, very good sniper, also nice guy

  5. Alive: FROG - .PETER said:

    good scout
    over insane sniper
    chill gender free entity

  6. Salva said:

    Really cool guy !
    Great gamesense and teamplay, it’s a good pick for sure .

  7. Jynxii: (´・ω・`) - gandhi is said:


  8. eLs: /// - 1500 said:


  9. wand00m said:

    i like

  10. seeds: FAINT - -chess- said:

    really nice ! deserves great team

  11. junnu: balls said:

    god bless

  12. Nikolomara: lamB - MUS said:

    josé (of hell)

  13. Luikuri: /// - 1500 said:


  14. oJ: Scousers said:

    very solid player

  15. Spirit: theorist - Lucrosa said:


  16. Mason: (ETF2L Donator) - JOEYO said:

    go go nippon

  17. Menty: (League Admin) - (´・ω・`) said:


  18. Spirit: theorist - Lucrosa said: