ScoutSoldier  Mid/Open Skill, 6on6

UnitedKingdom SmAsH

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Looking to play either pocket solly (open) or pocket scout (low).

Can play Mon – Thurs evenings. 8 cet onwards.

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  1. DigyB: SS D5 said:

    Known him for ages, he helped me learn the game and is a really friendly and funny guy as well. He might be a bit lacking on the dm but he would be an amazing pickup for any open team

  2. Dummy: said:

    big dick fromage

  3. Hannes: hjalte - Scousers said:

    Cool dude! I rate him! A bit of gaming and he is insane open player

  4. mattu said:

    top bloke

  5. Zip said:

    top caps every game without a doubt

  6. SmAsH: .Qc` said:


  7. Klassy: JUICE said:

    Really cool guy, helped me alot when i teamed with him in open and has alot of knowledge of the game.

  8. Fenrir: SS D5 said:

    Nice lad and hits big airshots!

  9. SmAsH: .Qc` said:


  10. Snow said:

    a nice guy that pounds what more do you need