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Spain WFlash

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rip final :(

dunno what im doing next season; might stay with current team, might not play at all, lets see

hmu if youre looking to trial a bad solider main for low / mid or whatever

roamer > pocket

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Left The Justice League [6on6] WFlash
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Left Boosted Bonobos [6on6] WFlash
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Left Epipslon eSprots [6on6] WFlash
Joined mix*es2017 [Fun Team] sage
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  1. sage: (ETF2L Donator) - CONYO said:

    s1ck roamer, best in spain

  2. WFlash: BTWs said:

    spain is fucked then

  3. Traxgarte: BaB said:

    still rings true

  4. scat said:

    best roamer in the world, too bad soldier is a bad class

  5. Dummy: said:

    perfect as roamer aside from being a bit too quiet sometimes, nothing to complain about

    also not one to argue or whinge, and always willing to change stuff to improve


  6. Marshy: yell @ dog said:

    Really nice guy! Extremely flexible gamer. Resilient to a bucket load of internal conflict. On top of that reliably performs very well on roamer. Can hold flank well, consistently make picks and big plays. In my opinion the best roamer of low s29. Should be playing mid 100%. Gl Flash

  7. narkkari: Brexit - VR said:

    big gamer
    won me 66 keys in a 6s cup ill have you know

  8. Temp: yunk% - KKK said:

    great roamer that deserves a good mid team

  9. cegr: LN6 said:

    team player, clutch roamer, great dm and nice guy!

  10. WFlash: BTWs said:


  11. domiq: Sora⚡️ - HONK! said:

    Insane bombs that kill me every time! Trial him

  12. WFlash: BTWs said:

    bump 2!

  13. scatmo: BIXA said:

    sick soldier!