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Serbia shinso

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i now have good internet!
med and spy up to mid
everything else open
most keen on playing sniper and med

i dont mind subbing for this season, prefer main for next

can play most of the time, hmu

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  1. Nightmare: BMS said:

    something cool

  2. Amadeus: LLL said:

    Has good laggy Spy plays in casual.

  3. Chime: [HA] said:

    I was asked to say something cool.
    Something cool.

  4. KiaZu: ShinyP said:

    21:59 – shinso: U just need neck tattoos

  5. Quinso: N.T said:

    +rep good player

  6. caiz: hjalte said:

    stop giving me messages about you kys

  7. Adje: BMS said:


    pick this guy up or you’re going to get rolled by him later

  8. fatty: Cat - dtB said:

    very good at cheating

  9. NRG said:

    cool guy knows alot about this game

  10. Puoskari: nunya said:

    Didn’t you tell me literally a minute ago that your internet is still fucked?

  11. KemNG said:

    shinso (2): say something cool

  12. STiNGHAN: 10⁻¹⁵ - inv said:

    g o o d

  13. yugo: 10⁻¹⁵ - inv said:

    very large individual

  14. Polarium: B9 - -Xe- said:

    top lad

  15. mental: 46DPM - gaeta said:

    say something cool
    If he doesn’t “lend” his account to Piney, he’s a cool dude. :3

  16. FizzyPug: -DFLOW said:

    ‘mid spy’

  17. yugo: 10⁻¹⁵ - inv said:

    ‘mid spy’

  18. Adje: BMS said:

  19. Lemmy: Vaccinator - WCS said:

    ‘mid spy’

  20. Pimskii said:

    new internet who dis