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UnitedKingdom counou

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Pocket Scout S30 + i63

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Budget LANcans [LAN Team] counou
Joined Tourettes Frenchclub [Highlander] Khazul
Left T A X I S E R V I C E [Highlander] counou
Joined [6on6] Kaylus
Left RIP [6on6] counou
Joined RIP [6on6] Samski
Left Team [6on6] counou
Joined T A X I S E R V I C E [Highlander] STiNGHAN
Left CRAZYBWAII Clan [Highlander] counou
Joined Team [6on6] STiNGHAN
Left AUTO [6on6] Zip
Left big dick squad [Fun Team] counou
Joined AUTO [6on6] Zip
Joined big dick squad [Fun Team] wgl
Left Kraken Klan [6on6] counou
Joined England [National Highlander Team] cloudy
Joined Kraken Klan [6on6] tuja
Left Lambda eSports [6on6] counou
Joined Budget LANcans [LAN Team] proky
Left :thinking: [LAN Team] counou
Joined :thinking: [LAN Team] counou
Left Budget LANcans [LAN Team] counou
Left reverto [Fun Team] cutwrist
Joined Lambda eSports [6on6] Shpeeisme
Left Arctic Foxes [6on6] counou
Joined Arctic Foxes [6on6] stefaaan
Joined reverto [Fun Team] cutwrist
Left Poly_'s dream team [Fun Team] counou
Left Planet Expresso [6on6] WildPiggie
Joined Poly_'s dream team [Fun Team] counou
Left Alright gorgeous [Fun Team] counou
Joined CRAZYBWAII Clan [Highlander] Yxxo
Left Lesk [Highlander] counou
Joined Planet Expresso [6on6] WildPiggie
Left Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [6on6] Georgebaii
Joined Carpal Tunnel Syndrome [6on6] Georgebaii
Left Good Enough : Birdy's Bitches [6on6] counou
Joined Budget LANcans [LAN Team] proky
Joined Good Enough : Birdy's Bitches [6on6] birdy
Left Helium Inhaler [1on1] counou
Left CoughLiteJoe [2on2] counou
Left 5-0 Blessings [6on6] counou
Joined Alright gorgeous [Fun Team] Crayon
Joined 5-0 Blessings [6on6] chando
Left Donkey Kickin Kangeroos [6on6] counou
Joined Donkey Kickin Kangeroos [6on6] counou
Left help ive fallen and cant get out of open [6on6] counou
Joined Helium Inhaler [1on1] counou
Joined CoughLiteJoe [2on2] counou
Joined Lesk [Highlander] TheFieryBreeze
Left Apocalypse [Highlander] counou
Joined Apocalypse [Highlander] orbit
Joined help ive fallen and cant get out of open [6on6] BASSOfreak

Previous Recruitment Posts

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View Prem/High 7 331
View High 0 120
View High 11 544
View High 7 290
View High 11 574
View High 4 321
View Prem 21 1016
View High 4 198
View High 11 510
View High 0 108
View High 7 338
View Prem/High 1 241
View Prem 18 595
View High 10 372
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View Open/Mid 1 236
View Mid 7 400


  1. Bat: A07 said:

    not bad

  2. Lightclaw: OoO - WASP said:

    abolute mad man

  3. PolygoN: SVIFT - 8===D said:

    give this man the team he deserves
    epic dude & epic gamer

  4. Ama said:


  5. cutwrist: oto said:

    2 month sub

  6. counou: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - -chess- said:


  7. Menty: (League Admin) - (´・ω・`) - Leila+8 said:

    HARD aimer canoe

  8. Jynxii: (´・ω・`) - Leila+8 said:

    boat of hell (also nice gamer)

  9. torrit: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - Jame'sBond said:

    he fuck and nae naes

  10. Canlock: Full Ping said:


  11. Smoothie: gaeta said:

    big gamer

  12. sintyyr: -Xe- said:


  13. alba said:

    Good sniper good scout

  14. phoxii: officer - A07 said:

    only downside is hes english

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