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England gemm

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if i dont play div 2 at least i'll probs focus on exams

roamer > pocket > demo

tell me how to not feed

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  1. hamaham: #BIGBOYS said:

    farmed div 2 epic style but was unlucky (unlucky, hate to see it happen)

  2. mak: #BIGBOYS - SENS said:

    Never been on a team with him but from the few times I merced alongside him I can say he is a bretty good team mate. Attempts to open dialogue while/if people are emoing.

    Nice projectile aim and not retarded either. Good pre-game banter. Get him in!!!

  3. Unrav: Jame'sBond said:

    underrated gamer pick up

  4. gemm: analyzed said:


  5. Alive: drops said:

    chill guy

  6. Poison: TBC - c u nt said:

    +rep nice guy

  7. gemm: analyzed said:


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