Soldier  Open Skill, 6on6

UnitedKingdom Crazy3k

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Played for Paraoxsm (Top Low Team)
Wanting to improve and suceed in winning low/open.
can play both roles but prefer roamer.

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Parox black [6on6] Crazy3k
Joined Parox black [6on6] Snow
Left PAROXYSM [6on6] Crazy3k
Joined PAROXYSM [6on6] blazeeight
Left KBASH eSports [6on6] Crazy3k
Joined KBASH eSports [6on6] Vocey
Left Chippo +5abs [6on6] Crazy3k
Left Mocha Milkshake [Highlander] Crazy3k
Joined Mocha Milkshake [Highlander] Crazy3k
Joined Chippo +5abs [6on6] Ant
Left 6>9 [Highlander] BreD
Left STRONG [6on6] lucifer
Joined STRONG [6on6] lucifer
Left still got the badge still got the gun [6on6] catbowcar
Joined 6>9 [Highlander] BreD
Joined still got the badge still got the gun [6on6] catbowcar
Left v2.31 [6on6] Crazy3k
Joined v2.31 [6on6] Shuffles_
Left Kadinsky [6on6] Flurtle
Left 100-PƎRCƎNT [2on2] Crazy3k
Left Literally [Highlander] Crazy3k
Joined Kadinsky [6on6] Flurtle
Left Awakening [6on6] Triangle
Joined Awakening [6on6] Koleykus
Joined Literally [Highlander] Crazy3k
Left Fun Police [Highlander] Crazy3k
Joined Fun Police [Highlander] Reisbauer
Left It's Turbine [Highlander] Crazy3k
Joined It's Turbine [Highlander] Flowy
Left [6on6] Crazy3k
Joined [6on6] venom
Left Artificial Amateurs Aren't At All Amazin [6on6] Crazy3k
Joined 100-PƎRCƎNT [2on2] BreD
Left wee bit rusty [Highlander] BreD
Joined wee bit rusty [Highlander] Kraken
Joined Artificial Amateurs Aren't At All Amazin [6on6] BreD
Left Viva La Copycats [6on6] Collaide
Left Xenon [Highlander] Icewind
Joined Viva La Copycats [6on6] Collaide
Joined Xenon [Highlander] Crazy3k

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  1. Kraken: la bamba - A07 said:

    This guy really knows his way around competitive tf2!

  2. Crazy3k said:


  3. Heatburn: PX.B said:

    can play at a level higher than open, so he a big pickup. give him a game and he will pound~

  4. basic: PORG - COGU said:


  5. Crazy3k said:

    still bumping

  6. Crazy3k said:

    bump still looking :(

  7. Ant: SHRED - ez4whoa said:

    sticks on a medic like glue

  8. Crazy3k said: