Medic  High/Mid Skill, 6on6

Sweden pwanda

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last one died

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  1. cantar: kaban said:

    he is insane pls give him a team already

  2. lek: said:

    Good medic with lots of potential. Also a really nice lad.

  3. meh: swag... said:

    really good med, definitely a good pickup

  4. Hugo: c u nt said:

    Amazing med with good comms also just a really nice guy

  5. Chochy: exist said:

    pick this suicide man!

  6. water123: ..d1ck - EDO said:

    extreme profile pimping. can also play medic pretty well

  7. narkkari: bisenen - lil said:

    keen and able, deserves a good team

  8. Blanc: woah said:

    Keen medic with a good amount of experience. Pick him up.

  9. Ace: o5. - lil said:


  10. ducky: ESKETIT - Wow, swag said:

    son of convolk

  11. cantar: kaban said:

    dude he outplays me on scout, the class he doesnt even main, imagine his med skills

  12. Ties said:


  13. seeds: mkcat - -chess- said:

    good taste in music

  14. vladandreiy: swag... - woah said:

    hes good

  15. Lokko: woah said:

    very epic player :thumbsup:

  16. nagle: ..d1ck - Wow, swag said:

    good player plays games

  17. DUCKSLAYER: (◕‿◕✿) - said:

    great memes, amazing player

  18. pwanda: EDO said:


  19. Bycoon: woah said:

    n1gga swag deadass

  20. cantar: kaban said:

    pick him up!!!!!!

  21. Greg: PNK said:

    great med +1 :)

  22. pwanda: EDO said:


  23. pwanda: EDO said:


  24. pwanda: EDO said: