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Belgium Quickstate

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Yo, looking to play serious and commit for next season (S30) on roamer.

Would love to join a serious team that practices often, i.e. watching demo's, practicing, maptalking…

My maincalls are ok, but not the best.
I watch demo's, practice my dm and improve in general.
I'm a very vocal and competitive person and love to hang out.

You can expect a lot of commitment out of me.

Playtime : 8-10pm

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Left Kawaii 5-0 [6on6] Totoro
Joined Kawaii 5-0 [6on6] Totoro
Left Cranium Collectors [6on6] Quickstate
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Joined Suvalkai/Suwalki [Highlander] T.J aka Kacperski75
Left big owners [6on6] Quickstate
Joined big owners [6on6] Nikolomara
Left KaoS eSports Academy [Fun Team] Quickstate
Left Digital Rocketry Enthusiasts [6on6] Quickstate
Joined KaoS eSports Academy [Fun Team] streep36
Joined Digital Rocketry Enthusiasts [6on6] Quickstate
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Left Special Cupcakes [6on6] drft_
Joined Special Cupcakes [6on6] drft_
Left European Mango [6on6] Sev
Joined European Mango [6on6] Quickstate

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  1. Aaron: SHAG said:

    I got to review some demos for this guy, got really solid dm and gamesense.
    Any keen team looking for someone should pick him up, needs to slightly work on his maincall but considering the level he’s played on so far, he’s honestly been wasting his skills.
    Also, has great timings on taking trades and plays.

  2. Aaron: SHAG said:

    Free bump

  3. Quickstate said:

    bump can also play roamer

  4. Homer said:

    Has really good gamesense and solid dm. Good luck buddy.

  5. Quickstate said:

    bump still looking