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keen again to try and win

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Joined PAINT gaming [6on6] catbowcar
Left anal therapists [6on6] Copper
Joined anal therapists [6on6] catbowcar
Left rudeboys on the block [6on6] Copper
Joined rudeboys on the block [6on6] Acecle
Left 6on6 [6on6] Copper
Joined 6on6 [6on6] WildPiggie
Left Treebeard eSports [6on6] Copper
Joined Highlander [Highlander] WildPiggie
Joined 2on2 [2on2] WildPiggie
Joined LAN Team [LAN Team] WildPiggie
Joined Treebeard eSports [6on6] Klassy
Left bedbugs [6on6] Copper
Left Frogs In The Park [Highlander] Copper
Joined bedbugs [6on6] Klassy
Left rudeboys on the block [6on6] Copper
Joined The Playa Haters [Fun Team] Louis
Joined Frogs In The Park [Highlander] over11dose
Joined rudeboys on the block [6on6] Acecle
Left EU Gimmicks [6on6] Copper
Joined EU Gimmicks [6on6] Rhike
Left Dm Retards [6on6] Copper
Joined Dm Retards [6on6] Storm
Left Dm Retards [6on6] Storm
Joined Dm Retards [6on6] Storm
Left Dm Retards [6on6] MoistPenguin
Joined Dm Retards [6on6] Storm

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  1. catbowcar: PAINT - MUUMIT said:


  2. Klassy: Beyond PL said:

    very cute indian looking for home, barely knows english but is able to frag.

  3. earl: D&D said:

    does not wipe

  4. ekta koling: OoO said:


  5. krokit: Ali-A - PAKI said:

    very win

  6. Charlie: Beyond PL said:

    happy commonwealth day copper!

  7. Lanzer: 4SKINGS said:

    best fortnite player after smirre and demos

  8. MATTYAZN: yerbaby said:

    bald and pulls pants in the mud streets of mumbai

  9. MoreBuckets!: woke - carers said:

    Has.a nice.voice

  10. seeds: 7 - -chess- said:

    good and fun

  11. Pred said:


  12. wand00m: (ノಠOಠ)ノ said:

    yes i like

  13. dogsdiner: #FreePat - WantsPizza said:

    very good

  14. Jynxii: (´・ω・`) - gandhi is said:

    b r o w n

  15. ult1mate said:

    copper blows do not pick up

  16. catbowcar: PAINT - MUUMIT said:

    bad shut eater

  17. catbowcar: PAINT - MUUMIT said:

    rubbin off the paint – ybn copper

  18. Ama: FAINT said:

    if you can get him to play with his team he’s very good

  19. Copper: PAINT - Highlander said:

    bump i guess

  20. gatsan: HK said:

    good at fragging as both solly and scout good pick up for any mid-of-high team

  21. MoreBuckets!: woke - carers said:

    best voice eu

  22. Copper: PAINT - Highlander said:

    your getting mixed up with me and ever_x

  23. Klassy: Beyond PL said:

    chill, good dm

  24. Jynxii: (´・ω・`) - gandhi is said:

    the brown starkie

  25. Ace: ORA ⚡️ - VR said:

    best pyro 2k18
    best spy 2k17

  26. oJ: yerbaby - Scouse said:

  27. Copper: PAINT - Highlander said:

    any admin remove that shit thx

  28. Dandere: .Qc` - SS D5 said:

    very good scout
    (questionable kritz demoman)

  29. Vouri: FAINT - inv said:

    the best player ever !!! WOWOW !!!!!!!!!!

  30. pandemic: FAINT - EF2L said:


  31. Copper: PAINT - Highlander said:


  32. hamaham said:

  33. Pred said:

    yung brown

  34. degu said:

    brown beast

  35. Hugo: Beyond PL - Scouse said:

    brown seagull

  36. Frysk: BNB said:

    cool and good gamer :)

  37. Hugo: Beyond PL - Scouse said:


  38. DigyB: (XD ͜ʖXD) - SS D5 said:

    made himself into a bit of a meme but he is actually a nuts solly and a fun teammate

  39. Sprite: Beyond PL said:

    Amature kinda player tho

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