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Russia UFO

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лоу скилл

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left Zayebimbo [6on6] UFO
Joined Zayebimbo [6on6] Jillius
Left Baclan'ya shushera [6on6] UFO
Joined Baclan'ya shushera [6on6] Baclan
Left Cucumbers Hazard Team [6on6] UFO
Joined Cucumbers Hazard Team HL [Highlander] Slowpoke
Left Ny che, paczany, mge? [Highlander] UFO
Joined Ny che, paczany, mge? [Highlander] bob!
Left Cucumbers Hazard Team HL [Highlander] UFO
Joined Cucumbers Hazard Team HL [Highlander] Slowpoke
Joined Cucumbers Hazard Team [6on6] Slowpoke
Left By The Way [6on6] UFO
Joined By The Way [6on6] Dego
Left PFF [6on6] Romjke
Joined PFF [6on6] UFO
Left motor motion [6on6] UFO
Joined motor motion [6on6] UFO
Left Fakel [6on6] UFO
Joined Fakel [6on6] UFO
Left Highlander [Highlander] Warden
Joined Highlander [Highlander] Warden
Left Unstoppable [6on6] UFO
Joined Unstoppable [6on6] LegioN
Left Dope Boys ★ Allstarz [Highlander] UFO
Left Dope Boys � [6on6] UFO
Joined Dope Boys � [6on6] highpower
Left STRIP [6on6] op
Joined STRIP [6on6] UFO
Left Massive Server eSport [6on6] UFO
Joined Massive Server eSport [6on6] karit
Joined Dope Boys ★ Allstarz [Highlander] fAiry
Left LOL Team [6on6] UFO
Joined LOL Team [6on6] UFO
Left Yummy Elite Sausages2 [6on6] UFO
Left Russians h4x0rz [Fun Team] UFO
Joined Yummy Elite Sausages2 [6on6] mihalch
Left procella [6on6] UFO
Joined procella [6on6] op
Left procella [6on6] op
Joined procella [6on6] op
Left in extremis [6on6] UFO
Joined in extremis [6on6] enjoi
Left ULt1MmatEz-team [6on6] UFO
Joined ULt1MmatEz-team [6on6] Magic_Neko
Left unexist [6on6] UFO
Joined unexist [6on6] HiTmAn47
Left Welcome Home [6on6] UFO
Joined Welcome Home [6on6] UFO
Left loveninjas [6on6] UFO
Joined loveninjas [6on6] UFO
Left Last Man Standing [6on6] UFO
Joined UFOvsYou [1on1] UFO
Joined Russians h4x0rz [Fun Team] Iggy-
Joined Last Man Standing [6on6] elegator
Left Team Renovation [6on6] UFO
Left DarkNLO [2on2] dark kn1hgt
Joined DarkNLO [2on2] UFO
Joined Team Renovation [6on6] Rengenius
Left dmg-2 [6on6] UFO
Joined dmg-2 [6on6] UFO
Left dmgx [6on6] UFO
Joined dmgx [6on6] UFO
Left ES-GAMING [6on6] UFO
Joined ES-GAMING [6on6] AniMax
Left Impulse [6on6] kenni
Joined Impulse [6on6] kenni

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