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Russia Lightclaw

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i kinda want to win high next season and will have plenty of time to play and practice
s30 flank
i also hope my pc wont die during the season

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  1. Aleskee said:

    big brain

  2. Adje: Leila+8 said:

    lil claw

    he’s a cutie and has an entire online directory of Russian/anime memes

  3. Ace: ORA ⚡️ - VR said:

    lil god claw

  4. ducky: MANNDEM. said:

    good orange demoman

  5. supra: penguins - EF2L said:


  6. AloneInHell: Dayn said:

    NiCO: me > U

  7. narkkari: VR said:

    god bless

  8. Mike Rotch: IBU said:

    will shoot

  9. Lightclaw: Dayn - kiti said:


  10. m1xwell: T said:

    Russian nation team ->>>

  11. seeds: 7 - -chess- said:

    very awesome

  12. narkkari: VR said:

    rly good as a mascot

  13. WRU said:

    mfw russia

  14. Silvermaster: megamind said:

    Pretty good

  15. m1xwell: T said:

    Пидр с альта, мда…

  16. Abyss said:

    p-rec lightclaw

  17. Blanc: Alex - VR said:

    Definitely capable of winning high. Amazing scout with great dm and good calls. Do not hesitate to trial this beast!