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CzechRepublic CoppyZ

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LF decent team (main spot) c: add me. Sniper is good but i'd rather to play as shpee

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  1. Hilk said:

    +rep, best roamer

  2. Hilk said:

    and sniper is the best of all that i’ve seen, but i don’t seen anyone else on sniper xd

  3. Fayans: ShinyP said:

    Good game sense, aim, communication skills (no problem with main calling), open to feedback and improving any minuses of himself if he has, high sportsmenship and kind. Good choice for important spots in teams.

  4. ManiacoBoss said:

    really good solly, really dedicated and looking to improve!

  5. Andrei: LfK said:

    good friend, best aim, love u <3 ur the best

  6. Bycoon: verb - Alligator said:

    wrote something.
    hes a decent sniper, and has a good taste in music

  7. Pepis: bjT said:

    There’s not that many heads too fast and high for his scope. Deals more headshots than I could ever. Pick him up pliide.

  8. D3rKeiZ: PCXD said:

    Coppy looking for mid team huh? Pretty weird

  9. DocFlame: poly fort - WantsPizza said:

    insane player

  10. Chochy said:

    toxic player kys plz

  11. Arunir: nufcZONE - EF2L said:

    Yeets on people tbh

  12. adir: iveR said:

    Friendly guy and good player ;)

  13. radu said:

    Nice guy, good DM, can talk about cigarettes for at least 10 min straight.

  14. ninlop said:

    what a fragger

  15. Andrej said:

    Pretty good player. SDB is shit against him.

  16. Rockz: VR said:

    toxic player kys plz