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Umm. I don't really know, New PC so I want to try some things. Add me.

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Left Last Minute: Disciples of Akachu [6on6] Roper
Joined England National 6v6 Team U17 Squad [LAN Team] AustinN
Joined Last Minute: Disciples of Akachu [6on6] akachu
Left Blackhawk has cholera [6on6] Roper
Joined Blackhawk has cholera [6on6] james
Left I HATE IRL [6on6] williams
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Joined Next to Prem... [2on2] Roper
Left Orang Vegetals [6on6] Roper
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Joined Roper has bad DM [1on1] Roper
Joined Orang Vegetals [6on6] Nox
Left Stomping Scientists [6on6] Roper
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Left Pregame Tryhards [Highlander] Roper
Left TT6s [6on6] Roper
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Joined Pregame Tryhards [Highlander] Pistol.Peter98[FR]
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  1. 4hp: -DC- said:

    new pc :OOOOO

    Well he always seemed like a nice dude to me, haven’t played much with him but his previous PC was so bad that you shouldn’t judge him based on that. It takes dedication to try to play tf2 and lead a team when you can’t get more than 20 fps. Give the man a go

  2. Sprasty: OwC - -DC- said:

    Finally a new pc ^^

    Even If I got kicked from the ugc team by him without any advise/reason he still fine ^^, trial him ^^

  3. Ascend: regretful said:

    let him play engie he’ll love it trust

  4. Pr0p3r: NoA!m said:

    he’s a great player. trial him.

  5. Sprasty: OwC - -DC- said:

    I was kidding, I thought he kicked me, but he didn’t, so, as I said, he’s fine ;3, new pc new life xD, I’d like to see him as demo tbh, trial him!

  6. mental: 46DPM - gaeta said:

    +rep, nice dude

  7. smrk: LEX - LLL said:

    What should I write here?


  8. blayze: =BI - /(@[email protected])z said:

    solid player, give him a good mid team

  9. Roper said:


  10. mkk: (XD ͜ʖXD) - /(@[email protected])z said:

    big boi