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Bulgaria V!s

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Looking for a high or top mid team
Roamer = Medic

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left L3RDZ [6on6] V!s
Joined Medic Main MGE-ing [1on1] V!s
Joined L3RDZ [6on6] shaggz
Left negative brain cells [6on6] V!s
Joined negative brain cells [6on6] Raw!
Left v2.31 [6on6] Shuffles_
Joined v2.31 [6on6] Shuffles_
Left Dolmio Family Sized Lasagne fans [6on6] V!s
Joined Ultimate [2on2] V!s
Joined Dolmio Family Sized Lasagne fans [6on6] Charlie
Left Cerulean [6on6] V!s
Joined Cerulean [6on6] klaxir
Left geekRage [6on6] V!s
Joined geekRage [6on6] Benjamin
Left Dedicated Loomband Collectors [6on6] V!s
Joined Dedicated Loomband Collectors [6on6] april
Left The Dinksters [6on6] V!s
Joined The Dinksters [6on6] etd1312
Left Excalibur [6on6] V!s
Joined Excalibur [6on6] nevermore

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  1. Olgha: -chess- said:

    Honestly, and as many people, i mostly know him in ultiduo playing as medic BUT still,
    He’s for me the best medic alive in this mod, through work, practice, questioning himself to be the best. He has a perfect understanding of this mod, insane jukes, clean aim, clinical decisions making at all moment in a game.
    I’m sure that if he does the same thing in 6’s, he can be, and i assume my words, the best medic of all time. I would surely have picked him already but i’m used to play only with frenchies.
    So i can give my full support to him to join a really good team, not obviously a team able to win prem already but surely a stable team aiming to be the best.

    This guy is huge, take him or you’ll miss the opportunity of your tf2 leader career

  2. Alive: SWAG!!!!! - .PETER said:

    good aim on solly, has airshots
    quite a good medic

  3. slowtown: ..d1ck said:

    good trashtalk skill

  4. nagle: ..d1ck - EDO said:

    yes slowtown

  5. LaMqTa: fenneks said:

    Ultiduo =/= 6s.
    Not sure how you want to go high with this experience, but wish you best of luck.

  6. zgd: midboys - -DC- said:

    strange man with zer0 6×6 skill but some type of ulti god

  7. V!s said:

    @slowtown @gaming_messiah2 I only reply back with what I receive. If you can’t handle it, don’t do it yourself.
    Why are you all including ultiduo, my recruitment post is regarding 6s. I’ve almost reached mid playoffs with my previous team, I can perfectly evaluate my skill level on the classes I’ve posted recruitment post on.
    @zgd you have never even played with me apart from mge, you seem to know more about my “6×6 skill” though, cool.

  8. Charlie: Beyond PL said:


  9. slowtown: ..d1ck said:


  10. nagle: ..d1ck - EDO said:

    haha yeet

  11. Chochy said:

    pretends to be nice lose game. true colors

  12. csiga: VR said:

    idk what this hating is , he was pretty cool from what ive seen

  13. Georgebaii: SELECTED. said:

    I’m getting flashbacks from

  14. YYYEBOK: Dayn said:

    Solid low+open in 6s
    Can only fag strats mge+ultiduo

  15. nagle: ..d1ck - EDO said:

  16. Kamogawa said:

    if you dont get this guy you’re a chimpansee

  17. nagle: ..d1ck - EDO said:

    coming from kamogawa :DDD

  18. Kamogawa said:

    @gaming_messiah2 nig

  19. Charlie: Beyond PL said:


  20. nagle: ..d1ck - EDO said:


  21. jun0: LANTURTLE - c u nt said:

    a lot of QQ ITT

    Either was awesome dude, dunno bout his 6s skill level but his mentality is really good.
    And could become a god in 6s if he applied himself and focused on it.

  22. jun0: LANTURTLE - c u nt said:

    inb4 he gay i lose 3 elo

  23. Flight: LEGO - pizza said:

    It time 3 comments for this post to turn into shit talking. So sad

  24. _Mark: ulu said:

    everyone knows, that if your soldier has been called out for cheating on an ultiduo match… makes you a cheater too, therefore making you a high player.

    but hey, if he thinks he can do high… why not atleast give him a try.

  25. Nevo: ORA ⚡️ - c u nt said:

    Mechanically speaking, in the vacuum that ultiduo is, he is quite remarquable. While I don’t know anything about his 6’s skill level, through a good maincalling & learning proper positioning he could very well become an astonishingly good medic in no time, and should definitely be given a shot in a low High team or at the very least top Mid.

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